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RISING - Water Borders

Published on May 17, 2011 12:23 Berlin Time
RISING - Water Borders

Water Borders are the opposite side of the coin from our last RISING column. If o F F brings the pop, these guys bring the pain. Comprised of SanFran power-artists Amitai Heller and Loric Sih, the duo have been making waves in the black sea of nu-goth since early last year. The two emerged from the corpse of art-rock troupe The New Thrill Parade, a combination of costumed performances and noise that harkened back to early avant-garde punk weirdos like the Virgin Prunes and The Birthday Party.

Feasting on Mongeese (unmastered) by Water Borders

The vibes have gotten much heavier now, though: think Coil or Swans gone crunk. After releasing a limited CD-R on Disaro and a 12" single on Hungry For The Power, they’re gearing up to release their first LP on Tri Angle near the end of 2011. We’re hoping around Halloween, as the dark tribal beats of preview track ‘Feasting On Mongeese’ are perfect for the witching season.