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RxRy – RxB: The Future of R&B!

RxRy – RxB: The Future of R&B!

RxRy have just put together a stunning mixtape for Stadiums & Shrines called RxB. Let’s call this filtered and fuzzed-up music – nothing but the future of R&B, vol.1. On his Blog he wrote: “I am laid up. hurt, not sick. i’ll be alright. i am spaced on good grass and some soundwaves…lounging in afternoon light in a shit-brown colored living room. Here is a mix as dirty as these walls…[sic]”

It’s a collection that catapults you into the heart of the up-and-coming (soon-to-be omnipresent) R&B atmosphere. The mixtape is filled with some classics and a handful of current thrillers from artists such as Mount Kimbie, The Weeknd, How To Dress Well, Com Truise, Aphex Twin, Delorean, Burial and Balam Acab.

This is just the right soundtrack for a hazy evening and if you want to discover more, don’t forget to check RxRy Soundcloud below, where you will find plenty of cool edits and remixes.

Published April 12, 2011.