The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Shed on FluxFM


This week’s guest in the Electronic Beats Radio Sessions studio is the inimitable Shed. Fresh from making the switch from Ostgut Ton to the Modeselektor-run 50 Weapons (which you can read about right here) the techno doyen is riding out a high right now. His third LP The Killer, released last month, has clocked up rave reviews from all the respected quarters, so you can guarantee that the show will be a good one. Oh, and keep an ear out for the premiere of his brand new remix of Amon Tobin.

You can listen to the whole radio show with Shed on Thursday, August 16 on FluxFM, starting at 10pm (GMT +1). Tune in through terrestrial radio or, if you’re outside Germany, you can hit up the stream.

Miss it? You can catch up with the first hour through FluxFM’s on demand feature from Friday, while the DJ mix will be up on a few days later.

Photo: Will Bankhead

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A brief interview with Shed

For some, René Pawlowitz‘ sound is Berlin. Under his production moniker Shed, the DJ and producer has crafted some of our favorite dark techno tracks; punishing, shuffling beats that transport our ears to dark concrete boxes filled with strobes, bass and sweat. Even as the city continues to grow and change, these are the sounds that remain: a pulse, a feeling that’s integral and irreplaceable. He’ll be appearing in the next edition of our Slices DVD series, but until then, here’s something a bit more brief, but no less intriguing.

Electronic Beats: You’re well connected with Berghain and its label Ostgut Ton – an ambassador of their sound and vision. Which is why I was suprised to see that your third LP The Killer was released via Modeselektor‘s 50 Weapons imprint.

René: I wouldn’t call myself an ambassador. There are others who deserve this decoration, but definitely not me. Besides, Monkeytown and 50 Weapons are a bunch of cool-ass people. We all fit together!

What’s up with your live project with Modeselektor and Marcel Dettmann?

Actually this year’s Bloc Festival should have been A.T.O.L.‘s first live show. But since the event was shut down at its first chaotic night, we only have one more show scheduled for this year at the Audioriver Festival in P?ock. We recently spent three weeks in the studio really focusing on putting together new tracks, we’re totally fired up for making live noise.

Speaking of noise, The Killer is an incredible piece of dystopic techno. It definitely evokes images of the gritty city it was created in, especially in beastly tracks like ‘Silent Witness’ and ‘I Come By Night’. What role does Berlin play in your sound?

‘No techno without Berlin’ is my personal formula. Berlin does techno like no other city in the world right now. I experienced my first raves here twenty years ago, and if this fantastic city can’t influence my music and musical attitude in general, I don’t know what possibly could.

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The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air, this week with Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka

We probably don’t need to lose too many words on this: Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka have their debut album They Live! coming up on 50 Weapons (it’s mighty great, btw), we had them sit down with us for a long interview, and after they played a great set at the EB office during the Modeselektor takeover, they now made it to The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air, our weekly radio show on FluxFM Radio.

Tune in on Thursday, January 26th for a two hour broadcast with and by Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka, the show starts at 10pm (GMT+1). During the first hour we’ll be listening to some music by and chatting with BD & DD, followed by an exclusive DJ set from 11pm. You can listen to FluxFM via terrestial radio or from the live stream (here).

A rerun of the show’s first hour will be available on demand on FluxFM’s website, with the mix following a couple of days later on The Radio Sessions is a weekly show so make sure to tune in during the next weeks when John Talabot (February 2nd) and Mouse On Mars (February 16th) make it to the studio. Also check out & listen to who already played The Radio Sessions.


Electronic Beats On Air – The Radio Sessions, Thursdays, 10-12pm, on FluxFM Radio and Stream

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Modeselektor’s brand new video for Evil Twin

Modeselektor's brand new video for Evil Twin The second video from irrepressible EB favourites Modeselektor has arrived! ‘Evil Twin’ features the vocal talents of American electro legend Otto von Schirach and the video is, well pretty mad. You’ve just got to take a look. It involves monkeys, fighting, body suits and a computer based alternative reality. What’s not to like?! Just dont expect anything like their last video for ‘Shipwreck’ that featured none other than Thom Yorke.

‘Evil Twin /German clap’ is released today on Monkeytown Records.

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Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka live with 50 Weapons

Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka live with 50 Weapons The EB office still looks a bit messy (cigarette stubs on the floor and the like). Back in October 2011 we invited Modeselektor over to the EB office for a website takeover and a little party at the end of the day. You might remember, we had UStream going that night! Alongside Shed and Phon.O, the Modeselektors brought their latest label signings with them: Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage who warmed up the party. Four months later, they’re back with their joint debut album They! Live on Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons label.

Producers Doc Daneeka (aka Mial Watkins) and Benjamin Damage (aka Ben O’Shea) who are from Swansea, joined forces for their first collaborate full-length album with Welsh singer Abigail Wyles adding vocals on three tracks. They! Live combines several influences from contemporary club culture: house and techno, dub and the greatest evil of all, post-dubstep.

The album is said to being influenced by Damage’s and Daneeka’s current residency, Berlin – which is obviously the case on ‘Charlottenburg’, a referance to the west Berlin neighborhood of the same name (though we’d like to know which exact connection an uptempo instrumental track actually has with Charlottenburg, but never mind). An old acquaintance on the album is the track ‘Creeper’, which we heard for the first time on last year’s compilation 50 Weapons of Choice #10-19.

Art direction and illustration comes by Daneeka’s friend Bingo Boutique. Together with Ian Yeti they’ve been responsible for some quite exciting releases by artists such as xxxy, Julio Bashmore and The Watkins Screamers on their very own Ten Thousand Yen record label. Doc Daneeka’s and Benjamin Damage’s They! Live will be out via 50 Weapons on January 27th 2012 as a digital download as well as CD and limited clear double 12″ vinyl, listen to snippets from the album below.

Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka – They! Live:
1. No One feat. Abigail Wyles?
2. Battleships feat. Abigail Wyles
?3. Deaf Siren
?4. Creeper (Album Edit)
?5. Charlottenburg
?6. Halo feat. Abigail Wyles
?7. Juggernaut?
8. Elipsis Torment
?9. Bleach & Penicillin

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