DIY audio bazaar

DIY audio bazaar Knowledge is best shared. And music lovers do this best, exchange their hottest tips, bands and labels. Indpendent music labels, fans and audiophiles will have a chance to show their music luv on today, Friday 23 March 2012 at the Chapeau Rouge club in Prague. Visitors can download music by local independent labels or support – buy – records and other related ephemera.

What is more, fans can exchange their music collections. Some of the best local labels will also showcase their ouevre – including the electronic-pop-indie imprint Starcastic, DIY label Bleeding Ear /who published the coldwave influenced Prague-based project Moduretik/ or hip hop stable Big Boss. So get away from all the ones and zeroes and enjoy a bit of analogue IRL niceness.

After you will have swapped all your 12″, tapes and CD´s (if you´re lucky enough to get rid of your 1999 best of), an assortment of Czech underground bands from electronics through post-rock will provide live entertainment.

Chapeau Rouge, 23 March 2012

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WWW live!

WWW live! WWW is one of those few acts that champion the darker corners of hip hop both sonically and textually. The roots of the project date back to the early nineties and its name is not a nod to the fledgling internet revolution at the time but an acronym of the mysterious catchphrase “We Want Word”.

WWW was one of the first rap projects in the country and was also active in the other domains of hip hop culture; breakdance and graffiti. It was only after the dawn of the new millennium that the band truly broke through with their 2006 album Neurobeat. This record created a storm on the local scene with its ominous electronic tunes by the project’s mastermind Ond?ej Andera and whimsical lyrics courtesy of the poet Lubomir Typlt.

Their latest release is a live album with a characteristically playful title Live!. The double CD is a recording of their sold out gig that took place in April this year and offers a comprehensive overview of the groups oeuvre and also contains 6 brand new tracks. The album is out in a limited edition of 631 copies which is the same as the number of people present at the concert.

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