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Bronze Format – Interview with Gwilym Gold

In the first of an occasional series of technology features we speak to Gwilym Gold – an artist involved with the Bronze format – a unique way of creating and hearing music that offers a one time, non repeatable performance of any song created for the platform. As the ways and means of distributing music … Continued

Björk unveils new video for ‘Thunderbolt’

Björk fans, you’re in for a treat! Don’t miss this live performance of ‘Thunderbolt’, fresh off her new album Biophilia and filmed live at the Manchester International Festival earlier this year. Directed by British team thirtytwo, the performance is a marvelous culmination of sound, vision, venue, performance and atmosphere. Make sure to dig deeper into … Continued

More Bjork for your ears

Another day another song to immerse ourselves in from Bjork’s epic Biophilia project which takes in apps, a live performance residency, multiple physical and digital formats and several ways of experiencing the music. Oh and a machine that makes lightning. You can stream the track ‘Virus’, in full below.