Erobique pays his tribute to Ritter Butzke

Erobique pays his tribute to Ritter Butzke Do you like disco? Do you like house music? Are you in Berlin this weekend? Are you free this Saturday night? Then you might want to visit Ritter Butzke in Kreuzburg to see Prince Erobique who will be bridling his party pony at the great Butzke gardens.

Erobique aka Carsten Meyer, the Munsterlandic hailing, Hanseatic living emperor of live disco editing, comes all the way from the shires of Hamburg to Germany’s capital, paying the rank and file citizens of Berlin a tribute from his treasure chest of live disco pearls and other edited jewellery. Joking aside: there’s probably no other musician in Germany that can keep the balance between a dj and live set as well as entertainment such as Erobique does. Check out this live recording of Erobique covering Marshall Jefferson’s club anthem ‘Move Your Body‘:

And then there’s his take on Joe? Smooth‘s ‘Promised Land‘:

Brilliant! Besides one of Erobique’s rare shows, Ritter Butzke will be opening its doors for live sets by Odessa and The Oakwoods and dj sets by Matt John, Empro, Martin Dawson, Shir Khan, Cocolores (all three of them Exploited Records), and many more.

Photo: CC | Zeitfixierer / Flickr

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Here Comes Wruhme x Erobique

Here Comes Wruhme x Erobique

EB regular Robag Wruhme has teamed up with musician Carsten Meyer aka Erobique. The Hamburg based artist – together with DJ Koze and Cosmic DJ most renown for one of Germany’s greatest alt pop sensations, International Pony – has built up a massive reputation as the disco music entertainer extraordinaire. Within his often hours-long live sets, Erobique used to play a take on George Harrison’s compositions for The Beatles, ‘Here Comes the Sun’. Erobique’s twist was a kind of Babel fish’ed version of the original, but always funny and self-ironic.

Just some weeks ago the track started to show up in Robag Wruhmes DJ sets. It therefore didn’t come as a great surprise to see Robag posting a note on his Facebook page, stating that the track will receive a proper release via Leipzig based label kann records (b-side comes with a new track by Leipzig’s Map.ache). The 10" vinyl will be available exclusively during this year’s 14th installation of Nachtdigital (ND14) in Olganitz. Festival tickets are completely sold out since the end of last year, which means that the 3.000 festival guests have to try getting their hands on a copy (or more) of this release limited to 700 copies. Possible leftovers will be distributed through Nachtdigital shop and selected record stores.

As with every year, ND14 will offer up a creative playground for it’s guests. Fittingly, the cheeky titled track ‘Hier kommt die Sonne’ comes without artwork: buyers are being asked to create their own artwork on the ND14 compound. So don’t forget to bring your stamp, glue, wax crayons and whatever you’d like to see as an artwork for your copy of ND10".

Listen to a crappy quality live recording of Erobique x Wruhme below, catch up with Robag playing some music all over Europe.

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