Minimal Wave mistress Veronica Vasicka in Prague

Minimal Wave mistress Veronica Vasicka in Prague The Prague promoters behind the cold-wave night RARE, which has gone from strength to strength this year hosting events with Xeno&Oaklander for instance, have given us a good reason to start celebrating New Year’s Eve one day early.

Veronica Vasicka, proprietor of acclaimed New York-based label Minimal Wave, who has unearthed several sonic gems – think stark, dark and stripped-to-the-bone electronics, and one of the founders of the brilliant East Village Radio, will be spinning while in town to visit her Czech family. New Year’s Eve ’11 will start on 30th December at Prague club Carculcah this year with plenty of cool, nocturnal style.

Minimal Wave Label Mix For UO – Veronica Vasicka by Minimal Wave

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Moduretik on the cold wave

Moduretik on the cold wave Jan Jiskra has just released Fantas, a minimal wavey offering full of cold-blooded atmospheres and synthy soundscapes. Many of the tracks on the young musicians’ new album feature deadpan vocals both in English and Czech. Tracks like ‘We Dancing’ are slow, lingering and haunting; one could imagine them somewhere in a New York or Berlin dark place in the ’80s as well as today, as the music echoes the current cold-wave-minimal-synth mania.

Moduretik has experimented with various guises of electronic music, from 8-bit to his recent, increasingly dark minimal-wave influenced songs. It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that he is supporting NYC coldwave outfit Xeno & Oaklander, whose tour schedule also includes Prague on 14 November as part of the minimal synth night RARE.

We Dancing (Fantas CD-R) – NEW by Moduretik

Ty/ Ja (Fantas CD-R) – NEW by Moduretik

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New Chris Carter + Oneohtrix Point Never remix

New Chris Carter + Oneohtrix Point Never remix Chris Carter‘s The Spaces Between was re-released last year via Scotland’s finest imprint of forward-thinking sounds of the past – Optimo. Pre-dating much of the music it sounded like – ambient techno, electro and cold wave, the record was instrumental in bringing Carter’s name and Chris & Cosey to a new generation of fans. Subsequently performing with plethora of current artists Carter has also been closely linked to the utterly awesome Factory Floor. Now the track ‘Moonlight’ which was originally released in 1985, has been dusted off and re-released with remixes from the excellently named Neurotic Drum Band and Oneohtrix Point Never. Today it is the latter we have for streaming and very we excited we are too as OPN has turned the original’s techno leanings into a stunning drone masterpiece. Stream it below – the singe is out next month.

Chris Carter – Moonlight (Oneohtrix Point Never Version) by theQuietus

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Marc Houle is living in synth

Marc Houle is living in synth

OK so this is not exactly breaking news in the league of Ricardo Villalobos standing for parliament or James Blake being arrested for a drive by shooting, but it’s something we like quite a lot – and even more so for being particularly unexpected.

Marc Houle is probably best known for his association with Minus, and functional, but still rather excellent techno cuts like ‘Flapping Around’. So when we heard about a two hour mix of cold wave, EBM and synth pop recorded at an "after party in my front room" our interest was well and truly piqued. Sequenced rather than mixed, stone cold (sorry..) classics such as P1/E‘s ’49 Second Romance’ sit comfortably next to angular oddities we have never heard before.

Stream or download below;

Marc Houle’s Synth Pop Mix by Marchoule

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