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Videodrome #47 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #47 - This week's best videos Voila, the latest edition of our weekly music video update called VIDEODROME, today featuring Kasper Bjørke, XXYYXX, Addison Groove, Kim Brown and many more! And as for David Lynch’s video for his song, ‘Crazy Clown Time’ – the directing is so lacking, it can’t be a Lynch video. It’s for April Fools. Isn’t it?

#1 Bola – Tigantabame (dir.?)

Off the Ghanan musician’s new release on the always inspiring blog-turned-label imprint Awesome Tapes From Africa.


#2 Kasper Bjørke – Lose Yourself to Jenny (directed by Tétier/Joye/Pujol/Coulomb)

This marks the first official video from Kaspar’s third full length album Fool, out this week on HFN Music.


#3 Voder Death Squad – 2 (directed by Matthieu Séry)

Absolutely stunning video-art by French-born, Berlin-based video auteur Matthieu Séry. Voder Death Squad on the other hand are ready to drop their second full length 2 soon on SicSic Tapes.


#4 Money – SOLONG (dir.?)

Fresh Manchester music. There’s a 7″ brewing over at Almost Musique, due out May 14th.


#5 XXYYXX – Breeze (dir.?)

James Blake, J Dilla, and Star Slinger? Nope, it’s Marcel Everett the 16-year-old Orlando native who works under the moniker XXYYXX.


#6 Kim Brown – Camera Moves (directed by the 29novEDITS)

Nov29Films, the Berlin-based masters of unoffical video-making, did it again. Do not miss.


#7 Addison Groove – Bad Things feat. Spank Rock (directed by Bredimus & Wolfschmidt)

Addison Groove‘s debut album Transistor Rhythm is out now. It’s full of 808 ghetto infusions, as you can see in this Bredimus & Wolfschmidt-directed video for ‘Bad Things’ – a collaborative track with the one-and-only Spank Rock.


#8 DannielRadall – Alone Again (direxted by DannielRadall)

This is off AMDISCS‘ amazing compilation for the czech Zivel Magazine titled A’M 2012. The whole thing has 51 songs and features artists such as Pictureplane, Teengirl Fantasy, Coma Cinema, Teams, Walsh and DannielRadall, to name a few.


#9 Yung Jake – E.m-bed.de/d (dir.?)

Wild new video from CalArts student Yung Jake, who shares his digital skills with us via ‘E.m-bed.de/d’. An interactive video that focuses on the process of viewing, blogging and tweeting a new video. Best viewed in Firefox or Chrome … Be patient whilst it loads – it is worth while!


#10 Honeydrum – Suddenly Heaven (dir.?)

Impose just premiered a video for ‘Suddenly Heaven’ which will be on the B-side of Honeydrum’s upcoming Stranger Calls 7”.

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Jef Barbara gives away free Cocaine

Jef Barbara gives away free Cocaine Cocaine’s bad and evil kids and If you clicked on this hoping for piles of white powdered peps, then give yourself a slap. If however you’ve come for the decidedly un-sinister charms of Jef Barbara – a man who probably doesn’t have an evil bone in his body then that’s all good and your reward for a clean living lifestyle is a Barbara’s latest record for free – a remix E.P alongside DannielRadall where the spirit of Miami Vice is channelled through a whole load of angst and reverb. Just follow this link.

In related Jef Barbara news check out his Flashdance meets electric dreams trans-fantasy video for ‘Sébastien’ which is charming and yet also slightly unsettling, as well as a video for the DannielRadall remix of ‘Cocaine Love’ which is freakin’ psychedelic.

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