Visual Feels: DIS Magazine’s Slavoj Žižek Tech Fit Shirt

Looking for visual treasure? Žižek Marx the spot! If there’s one thing we can always rely on, it’s the entertainment value of skewed reality reconceptualizations that emerge from the sweet buttery loins of DIS Magazine. Their latest mind-altering product is a Slavoj Žižek Tech Fit shirt which you can yank over your pasty sinews before you head to the gym to deadlift Žižek-style (a style that involves blustering incoherently). You could be HD levels of cut, but instead you’re stuck with a capitalist gut, so trade moneyful for meaningful with this old man face wrapped tight around your chest. “Mmm,” your friends will say, “I recognize that guy.”

For more feels and exclusive material, check out the Electronic Beats tumblr.


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Gobby gives it away

Gobby gives it away Sometimes it’s just better to let the music do the talking – especially when it comes to Harlem beat maker Gobby. He has a new free album of troubling electronic funk called Grid-Loc for download and all you have to do to get it is click this link to his mind-fuck splash page (or here for a direct download). Never seen without his blue mask – check the video below – we really cannot tell you that much about him, except to point you in the direction of this KILLER dis magazine mix. Enjoy…

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Pictureplane’s ‘Thee Physical’ gets remixed into the next dimension

Pictureplane's 'Thee Physical' gets remixed into the next dimension Travis Egedy, prophet of the Pictureplane Post-Physical reality, has just had his Old Testament reworked into the New. A plethora of friends and artists, in collaboration with DIS Magazine, have taken the dance conceptualizations from his work Thee Physical and mixed them into a new dimension of sound. With disciples ranging from Tearist and Shams to Grimes and Unicorn Kid, the selections here are truly essential pieces of our modern rave philosophy:

Pictureplane’s “Thee Physical” was a conceptual work about how we, as humans, relate to our 3rd dimensional world by experiencing it physically through touch. and our experience of being human inside of physical bodies in a post-physical digital age. this collection of remixes is a continuation of these concepts, each remixer being hand selected by Pictureplane to work with the digital skeletons of each song, to carry out their own visions of what Thee Physical meant to them, and their physical forms. This remix double album, is the 7th Dimensional Rip. which is an ongoing conceptual art work by Travis Egedy (Pictureplane). Each Dimensional Rip is meant to be just that: a rip or tear within space and time. a way of putting something out into the universe that helps to alter perception and the very world that it exists in. past Dimensional Rips have been anything from group art exhibitions, a zine, a mix of slowed down happy hardcore, or a performance artwork inside of an art museum. the 7th Dimensional Rip is no different.

Along with audio, we are also given visual thanks to Extreme Animals. The duo of Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman have shaped a Twin Peaks-inspired video for their remix, featuring narration by the Log Lady and enough nightmarish imagery to send you hurtling straight into the Black Lodge. Adjust your Fear Fantasy receptors properly and stream yourself below.

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The Rise of Tumblr Culture & The Post-Physical Reality

We live in a visual culture. The Word is dying; ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’ = pictures are death. By manipulating formless ideas we slowly kill ourselves: the repetitive thrill of the never-ending scroll feed, the pleasure of a briefly favored embedded MP3. But a living creature must decay in any case. Seeking to establish/reestablish our place in the visual universe as a society and as individuals, we turn to the pulse of the brief and the instantaneous. Thus is born the short-term post-physical consciousness, where our realities and identities are determined by like buttons and self-curated blogs. This is the New Art of Being: as with IRL Reality, in URL Reality you establish yourself into a clique based on visual taste. Are you a Jock, a Punk, a Nerd, or a Stoner? Click here to take our test. As time passes and tastes change, you begin to move into another realm of aesthetic desire.

The new human aura. Our virtual awakening and evolution. Color charts and codes addiction.

This is not new information. We know this, we use this. Art and culture is advanced even as it is dissolved: essential life guides such as DiS and concept-tumblrs such as Perfictionism have expanded the .gif lifestyle into ideas that break the boundaries of Internet and Outernet. That is the key to survival and the ultimate wisdom: if we exist in a world without bodies, we also exist in a world of infinite form. The mind will forever shape reality. We as a culture are already looking inward into our machines; to reach the next phase, we must blend both internal realities. The ease of our IRL-disconnected social lives means that cultural shifting is accelerated, and we are the ones accelerating it. We have control of the visual, and therefore we have the ability to ascend faster than we ever did. We are both the fake and the real.

Past generations had a goal, a level of social advancement to strive for. Our generation’s dream is simply to get high with an extraterrestrial. We gain masters degrees for writing a thesis based on the idea of The Matrix being about weed and pizza. If I wanted to, I could add Siouxsie Sioux on Facebook. My 14 year old self would be ecstatic at the chance to ‘connect’ so easily with someone whose music shaped a lot of my teen years but at this point technology and changing industry standards has made the void between musician and fan so thin that the idea of a ‘music idol’ is obsolete. Via the medium of dissolving, re-ingesting and mutating our pop culture we’re slowly seeing what the future is going to be like: a looped cycle. Reinterpretations and micro-dissections of trends past and present; life through a sexualization/conceptualization lens, filtered through the digital corporeal….these are the best of times and they are the end of times because they are becoming One Time.

“We’re all in free fall towards an abyss of death and trying to reach out and try and connect with someone to ignore that just seems pathetic, somehow, and trying to do anything is pointless because any fraction of infinity is functionally zero.” – Norm MacDonald

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Fade To Mind

Fade To Mind

Ezra Rubin, better known as Kingdom, is undoubtedly one of the most trill producers in global club music today. His bass-heavy, darkNdirty beats combined with his deft handling of samples make for some of the most forward-thinking and unforgettable dance tracks in recent history. It seems inevitable that he’d apply his taste to something bigger, and that’s just what he’s done with his new label Fade To Mind.

According to Rubin, the name refers to "music and experiences that make you transition to deeper or altered mind-states. For example NGUZUNGUZUs music, or 420", a description which made me say "noice" out loud. An American cousin to the equally-impressive Night Slugs (and also featuring art by NS founder Bok Bok) the diverse roster reads like a journey into every important playlist from the last two years: NGUZUNGUZU, Fatima Al Qadiri, Total Freedom, DJ Mike Q, and Cedaa, as well as rising artists like Clicks&Whistles. While all this output sounds different, it all explores various mediums of club sounds, from hardstyle and bounce to droned-out Kuwait techno.

If you’re in NYC, Thursday will be the club debut for the label, featuring a blowout hosted by DIS Magazine and including most of the label acts as well as Venus X and $hayne from the cult underground party GHE20 G0TH1K. Let this be a signal to 2011: FTM will be dominating your ears very soon.

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