EB Video Premiere: Schneider TM’s “Elefantenhaut”

Some call it obsessed, some maniacal and some productive. For us, the fact that Berlin-based sound enthusiast Schneider TM, aka Dirk Dresselhaus, has already got his next album ready to go is merely good news. After experimenting with field recordings from construction sites next to his studio last year, he has moved on to a slightly more, er, traditional approach and Guitar Sounds was born. But don’t panic, this ain’t rock ‘n’ roll. It’s much more about experimental maneuvers with the good, old electric guitar. You can get an idea while watching the Yukikoh Okura-directed video premiere above for the first single, “Elefantenhaut”. Guitar Sounds is out next month via Bureau B.

Tomoko Nakasato: dance
Takehito Koganezawa: video feedback
Yukikoh Okura: camera & editing
Dirk Dresselhaus: music
Performed & filmed at ZK/U, Berlin.

Guitar Sounds will be released in September 2013 on Bureau B & MWM. You can watch our Slices DVD feature on Schneider TM here.

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EB Video Premiere: Yearning Kru – “Ghoul Park”

Following yesterday’s Videodrome selection (the best videos of the week, every week), today we continue the constant delivery of cool, new music videos with a premiere for one of the most striking labels of the year.

It’s patten‘s London-imprint Kaleidoscope, which already brought us glorious cassette releases from the likes of Karen Gwyer, Vanilla HammerOrphan and Sculpture. Next one up, the Croydon born, Taiwan-based producer Yearning Kru who’s about to drop his two-part album, Cracked Lacquer/Vandium, limited to 23 unique hand-numbered C30 compact cassettes later this month. Following up on his first, self-released Didyah EP from 2010, Yearning Kru seems to be still working in heavily manipulated, outsider electronica. Get an idea below, while watching the self-made, data-mosh video.

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Kaleidoscope will release Cracked Lacquer/Vanadium by Yearning Kru on July 23rd.

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Video: Martin Gore Interview

Depeche Mode have managed to stay in a single time zone this past week, playing a sweaty, raucous two-hour show to the black swarm on the Rhine in Düsseldorf this past Wednesday, and prepping to do it all again tonight. We sat down with Martin Gore to find out about revisiting the sounds of melancholy past and how technology has changed not only Depeche Mode’s music but also their live show.

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EB Video Premiere: Minotaur Shock – Saundersfoot

Tight close-ups of lichen-covered tree trunks and sunlight filtered through hazel leaves? Today’s EB Video Exclusive is undoubtedly a pastoral affair. Indeed, the critical consensus that Minotaur Shock‘s David Edwards has finally come around to the whole folktronica tag is leant further credence with this, the Torchy Design directed video for first single ‘Saundersfoot’. Still, there’s no arguing that the clip is the perfect visual extension of the track’s late summer mood captured within its drifting chimes, buoyant synths and live drums. An excellent entry point into his fifth LP Orchard. 

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