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EB Exclusive: download M.E.S.H. – Alright, NO

EB Exclusive: download M.E.S.H. - Alright, NO M.E.S.H. knows how to make us m.o.v.e. Berlin-based producer Jaime Whipple‘s work falls somewhere between the jittery vibe of juke and the punch of house, with some seriously sick remixes under the belt as well. We already showed you his killer edit of Alba Kingz‘ ‘ Unsere Gegend’ in Monday’s Audioccult, and today we’re pleased to present an exclusive download of his latest work. A serious raw banger, ‘Alright, NO’ starts slowly, but once that darkness drops it shakes you from top to bottom. Get absorbed below. All you gotta do is say yes.

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EB Exclusive – Mark Stewart remixed by Pinch

EB Exclusive - Mark Stewart remixed by Pinch Mark Stewart, lead singer of legendary post-punk band The Pop Group and uncompromising solo artist who alongside his ‘Mafia’ cohorts and long time producer Adrian Sherwood forged raw, dub and industrial influenced political polemics is releasing a new album called The Politics of Envy. The album will be released on March 26th and as a teaser, we are very excited to bring you an Electronic Beats exclusive – the Pinch remix of ‘Autonomia’ which is a collaboration between Stewart and Primal Scream. Pinch, who is the man behind Tectonic recordings, takes the original track’s spiky energy and chips it away to leave a dense, brooding sound-scape. It’s HEAVY. Take a listen below

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New Oh Land video

New Oh Land video Stunning new video for ‘Speak Out Now’ by Oh Land. Getting wet and botanical, the video is as dramatic and extreme as the Danish pop starlet’s music. Make sure you watch our exclusive Electronic Beats feature here.

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