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EB Video Premiere: Fiordmoss – Hard a Starboard

Their yearning, Nordic-style electrofolk has made Fiordmoss one of the most acclaimed up-and-comers to emerge from the Czech independent music scene. The duo’s trio’s most recent album Ink Bitten was first released digitally in February 2012, and recently re-released on June 4th (complete with remixes) in a snazzy vinyl edition. “The title draws inspiration from … Continued

Vinyla Awards highlight Czech music talent

“The Czech Republic has lacked a representative music prize, which would reflect and reward important creations in Czech music, for a long time”, state the organizers of the newly established music award with the rather peculiar name ‘Vinyla’. Eschewing the local “music business”, Vinyla aims to praise the few local quality independent creators who inject … Continued

Fiordmoss and 19th century tattoo ladies

Fiordmoss was founded in 2008 after Roman’s record collection and Petra’s guitar disappeared in a blaze of fire in their shared flat. Both original members of the band – currently there is also a third member Jan Boroš – art students Petra Hermanová and Roman P?ikryl had previous experiences in music. In Fiordmoss, they merged … Continued