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Douster goes to the space-highlands with his 3ball track

Douster goes to the space-highlands with his 3ball track It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything from both Douster and the hectic, Latin-flavored dance genre 3Ball, but the other day the French producer posted his track ‘Collegiala’ to stream and download. It’s a bit of a weird one, something that drew us to it in the first place. His source material may be tribal guarachero, but this heart-pumping bumper more closely resembles an Irish jig as performed by a robot. Synthesized bagpipes in the club? It was only a matter of time. Download it for free here.

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RISING – Eliphino

RISING - Eliphino

Eliphino. LF. I know. The moniker of 23 year old Tom Wrankmore who looks set to be the next bright young thing to break out of the post-dubstep ghetto with his gorgeously crafted beats, rich with emotion and longing. Sketching a neon line over dense, buzzing drums and nervous percussion his sound sits somewhere in between the best bits of bass and something far more ethereal.

Marking the edges of his own sonic universe with deft use of repetition, sampling and locomotive beats Eliphino first caught our attention when he appeared on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Electric compilation with ‘Let Me Love You Forever’. A toy-town melody reduced to a simple refrain join vocal samples atop frantic drums. The song moves along on a barrage of repetition and yet never becomes boring. It simply buries the feeling deeper into your mind with every listen. Quietly releasing music for over four years, first with his Out Of Phase EP and later his Made Seasons EP –a selection of strung out instrumentals – it was his inclusion on the Brownswood compilation that bought him to the attention of the wider world.

Moving from Leeds, to Manchester and now to London Eliphino began DJ’ing at 15, and was crafting beats on an MPC not long after. He was a resident DJ at Drum Major in Leeds, playing host to Hip Hop’s great and good including slots with Madlib and Q Bert, before taking a residency at Hoya Hoya when he moved to Manchester. It was in Manchester that he also supported Flying Lotus and Tokimonsta and playing alongside these beat pioneers he picked up a production tip or two utilising the experience to forge his own distinct sound.

Now residing in a Seven Sisters (London) warehouse, he is about to drop the record that will tip him into the stratosphere – the Undivided Whole EP. Released on new label somethinksounds, the four tracks touch on everything from the emotion of Sasha, to the disembodied nervous beats of post-garage London. The Undivided Whole is a journey through a post everything club landscape where all that matters is the feeling distilled in the music. Having had his four latest tracks on constant repeat, I have no doubt that measured against the barometer of ‘good music’ Eliphino stands head and shoulders above the copycat beatsmiths.

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