Eastern Haze: December

Our December installment is no year-end retrospective overview since there are plenty of aural novelties emitted to the sonisphere courtesy of all the tireless evangelists. It is as if the failed Mayan prophecy – or is it that we are living in some kind of ersatz simulacrum of reality? – has propelled musicians and their patrons to release as much music as possible this month in the face of the impending entropy.


Piotr Kurek is one of the most acclaimed contemporary Polish musicians nowadays, with an album on Foxy Digitalis under his belt. Following a kosmische cooperation with Sylvia Monnier in Suaves Figures, he returns with a solo installment, a noodly nostalgic electronic journey this time also laden with yearning vocals. Edena is out now on tape on Sangoplasmo.

Balázs Semsei aka Norwell also follows the synth-bound trajectory, weaving a narrative through synthetic electronic territories, mellow and exploratory tangents. The youth of Budapest seem to be in thrall of tweaking the soul out of vintage electronics, the 808s, 303s, 101s, as I have found out last month.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/71606470″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Another space kommunique comes courtesy of the Sofians 1000names, whose predominantly beat-oriented music also ventures into more offbeat realms. No wonder their latest EP A Minute a Day is accompanied by a short science story introducing a brand new machine, the TAPE-D-TRON-1000, which is able to “translate the audio signal from a magnetic tape into abstract virtual images which are then projected through a complex sensory system in front of the eyes”.

∑BOL▲ ▲P∑, the mysterious monkey from Congo via Gdansk, continues in the extraterrestrial sonic vein of this month, immersed in an ominous haze and interspersed with mangled vocals not dissimilar to those by the master of this craft (Burial, ofc), with an almost ironically entitled release Humanity, as if it wasn’t its demise that we’ve been witnessing in the last couple of years. It seems that these days in music, it’s either escapism or doom-mongering that chimes with producers from Belgrade to Berlin, from Košice to Brooklyn. With the coming year, with 13 attached to it, I don’t expect a (sonic) redemption.~

Illustration: Vitto Valentinov

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Electronic Beats Video Highlights 2012

2012 was an exciting year; from a New Order Exhibition to an exclusive Pet Shop Boys Show, we’ve done it all—and we even filmed most of it! This is an audiovisual journey, so let’s just drop some names and then lean back and watch: Squarepusher, Hot Chip, Dillon, Modeselektor, I Heart Sharks, Woodkid, Hudson Mohawke, Mostly Robot and more more more!

April: Electronic Beats Festival Gdańsk

May: Electronic Beats Festival Cologne

June: New Order Exhibition and Concert in Berlin

July: Electronic Beats Festival Bratislava


September: Pet Shop Boys Live in Berlin

Electronic Beats Festival Budapest

October: Electronic Beats Festival Vienna

Electronic Beats Festival Zagreb

November: Electronic Beats Presents in Podgorica, Montenegro

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EB Festivals 2012: The highlights in video

EB Festivals 2012: The highlights in video Whether you were at the Electronic Beats Festival in Cologne, Bratislava, Prague, Gda?sk, or our appearance at Springfestival in Graz, we hope you had a wonderful time with our audio/visual live selections! Take a look back now with us at a few video memories from the last weeks, featuring James Blake, The Whitest Boy Alive, Digitalism, Jazzanova Live feat. Paul Randolph, and Squarepusher! Enjoy!

Here’s James Blake, playing his take on Feist‘s ‘Limit to Your Love’ and ‘I Never Learnt to Share’. Also, there’s a video of his retouch of ‘Klavierwerke’ on our YouTube channel, and here’s our short interview with Blake.


Another highlight from the Gda?sk festival was Digitalism‘s live set. Here’s them performing ‘Idealistic’, ‘Falling’, and ‘Magnets’ live at Centrum Stocznia Gda?ska.

Our pals from Jazzanova always know how to move a crowd, which is why we’ve been extra-thrilled to have Jazzanova Live feat. Paul Randolph perform ‘Believer’, ‘I Human’, and ‘Boom Klikki’ on stage in Gda?sk.


His new live show is as stunning as the UFABULUM album itself, and Squarepusher‘s set at Electronic Beats Festival Gda?sk will stay in our minds for quite a long time – see for yourself with the 20 minute recap above.


The Whitest Boy Alive were another real highlight – and it seems that we haven’t been the only ones to think so of the Prague night (although it could’ve been anywhere in the world, according to Erlend Øye).


One week later the EB entourage travelled to Bratislava to see Woodkid, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Friendly Fires, and UNKLE Sound – check out our highlight video from one memorable night at Refinery Gallery.


Just a few days ago we finally had Amon Tobin premier his ISAM live show at Electronic Beats Springfestival Opening Night 2012, and here’s 30 full minutes of audio-visual madness!

Expect more videos from last week’s Cologne festival to pop up, soon – here’s a short recap of Miike Snow‘s set plus a brief interview for now as well as Austra playing Young And Gay”, “Lose It” and “Choke” live and in HD video.


But there’s even more: find more full live videos by Woodkid and James Blake in our EB video section as well as on our YouTube channel.

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Jazzanova feat. Paul Randolph: Live in Gdansk

Jazzanova feat. Paul Randolph: Live in Gda?sk If last week’s videos of James Blake live at EB Festival Gdansk wasn’t enough for you, how about some Jazzanova? The Berlin-based collective dropped some seriously funky grooves to an appreciative crowd, and in the process probably turned more than a few on to jazz. If you missed it, no worries: you can still catch them digitally below, perform their songs ‘Believer’, ‘I Human’ and ‘Boom Klikki’.

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Electronic Beats Festival 2012: Gdansk Video Impressions

Electronic Beats Festival 2012: Gda?sk Video Impressions As reported, our EB Festival in Gdansk just closed its door some hours ago. Since then, we finished touching up the first video impressions from last night. Enjoy some glimpses of beauty in the video below, and check back to electronicbeats.net in the next few days to see exclusive footage, taken yesterday by our SLICES-Crew from Squarepusher, Jazzanova, Digitalism, Dillon and James Blake.

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