Kreayshawn has a Video Game

Kreayshawn has a Video Game Yes, rapper-artist-muse Kreayshawn, who catapulted to fame following her YouTube hit ‘Gucci Gucci’, now has her own video game, joining the ranks of Michael Jackson, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the Beatles in the pantheon of musicians with their own video games.

It’s just a simple 16-bit wonder Flash-based game that looks like Super Mario Brothers 2 put together by Kreayshawn-fan Beth Maher over the course of a month. But we guarantee you’ll at least play one round out of curiosity. If you’re bored and want to kill some time, here is your chance to do it.

We already got through the first level, killing off basic bitches hardcore. What more could you ask for? Keep on swaggin’, meow. And start the game below:

Left and right arrow keys to move
Z to jump
X to shoot
E to exit to world map
R to reset the level

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Videodrome #3 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #3 - This week's best videos

Again we present the next episode of our V I D E O D R O M E with the latest cool videos from around the world. Check it out!

1. Swindle – Moodswings (directed by Mr. Tit)

Watch the new mental video from Swindle for his track "Mood Swings", released earlier this year by Butterz. Animation and artwork by Mr Tit.

2. Gatto Fritto – Lucifer Morning Star (directed by ?)

New video for “Lucifer Morning Star” by Gatto Fritto, the project of London-based producer Ben Williams. As we mentioned earlier, his self-titled debut album sounds at once both retro and completely fresh.

3. Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (directed by @FUCKZENTIL)

“Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada / Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.” Amazing: check out Oakland’s up-and-comer Kreayshawn!

4. Julian Lynch – Ground (directed by Zahid Jiwa and Miko Revereza)

Julian Lynch drops a mix of folksy post-rock and organic-jazz, all converging with a hypnotic beauty. Have a listen to “Ground”, from his equally beautiful album release, Terra.

5. Death Grips – Takyon (directed by Flatlander)

This is strong alternative hip hop, or better: imagine death core metal meets Wu-Tang‘s RZA! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

6. Grinderman – Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye man (directed by Ilinca Hopfner)

NSFW-video for Grinderman‘s "Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man". Watch huge breasts, machine guns + members of Grinderman doing some Riverdance. Please enjoy.

7. Pollyester – Consierge d’amour (directed by Markus Burke)

Pollyester = Munich-based Polly Lapkovskaja + Manuel da Coll. "Concierge D’Amour" is off the Earthly Powers album, out now on Permanent Vacation.

8. DJ CAM – Swim (directed by Sonia Sieff)

This year Parisian musician DJ CAM is set to redefine himself with his new album, Seven. It marks his first release since 2002?s Soulshine – heavily influenced by Radiohead and Massive Attack.

9. Groundislava – A Grass Day (directed by Michael Patterson)

This is Groundislava‘s new video for his haze called A Grass Day. Made by no other then Michael Patterson, who earlier directed this and that.

10. Beyoncé – Run The World (Girls) (directed by Francis Lawrence)

Beyonce is back! Her video for “Run The World” has premiered online and she and her girls are about to take control. Epic!

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