Modeselektor’s brand new video for Evil Twin

Modeselektor's brand new video for Evil Twin The second video from irrepressible EB favourites Modeselektor has arrived! ‘Evil Twin’ features the vocal talents of American electro legend Otto von Schirach and the video is, well pretty mad. You’ve just got to take a look. It involves monkeys, fighting, body suits and a computer based alternative reality. What’s not to like?! Just dont expect anything like their last video for ‘Shipwreck’ that featured none other than Thom Yorke.

‘Evil Twin /German clap’ is released today on Monkeytown Records.

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New Brenk Video online now!

New Brenk Video online now! What is it with wolves? Tyler and his Wolf Gang have been killing it since January, Marflow called himself a wolf and now there is the new video from Austria’s most important beat producer Brenk, called – you guessed it – Wolves 2 (Still Hungry). If you haven’t listened to our homeboy’s new album, Gumbo II, you should right now. It’s a masterpiece in the spirit of instrumental godfather J Dilla. None of the 23 tracks, including a few fantastic skits (my most favourite is Grindas) are to be missed.

We are not sure which films have been used to cull the footage for the video, although the majority is definitely from American Werewolf in London. When it comes to werewolves one of the best films is still NIGHT OF THE WERWOLF aka THE CRAVING with the infamous Paul Naschy. Go and watch it, if you ever have the opportunity.

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