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Pun Sarasas’ debut collection is a real Kool Thing

Pun Sarasas' debut collection is a real Kool Thing I’m a sucker for unisex fashion. I love the idea of flexible, interchangeable styles that look good on anyone, regardless of what chromosomes they’re packing. I’ve also been watching a lot of Buffy episodes lately. So of course when a designer comes along with genderless summer fun that looks like it was swiped from the closets of Sunnydale circa ’97 while still seeming fresh, I get a bit excited. Pun Sarasas is a young fashion designer living in London and quickly rising in the world of both design and art. He’s collaborated with Veronica So for L_A_N, and his debut collection at the prestigious Serpentine Gallery is pure summer sex (including some reflector stripes to keep you safe at night; thoughtful!) Watch the documentary below, and get ready for some serious Slayer wardrobe envy.

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L_A_N Magazine renders Thai silk into a new format

L_A_N Magazine renders Thai silk into a new format We’ve mentioned the future-forward thinking magazine L_A_N before. Run by Veronica So, frontwoman for the London synthpunk band TEETH!!!, it’s an enhancement of culture as we’re only starting to perceive it. The magazine’s latest work is a collaboration with artist Andrej Ujhazy and fashion designer Pun Sarasas, and the result is a haunting and beautiful video that explores the delicate intricacies of handwoven Thai silk.

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