Touch Yello: Cologne Screening

Touch Yello: Cologne Screening

It was a sunny, early evening in Cologne with lines stretching out the door on the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring, awaiting another screening of the infamous Yello film: Touch Yello, shown in the freshly re-opened Residenz Cinema in Cologne. After everybody had been seated in the spacious cinema chairs and the lights got dimmed, Dieter Meier stepped on stage to introduce Swiss singer Heidi Happy, who opened the evening with acoustic tracks from her earlier album releases.

Once the audience had expressed appreciation and Heidi left the stage, everybody was more than excited about the upcoming screening. The film started like an audiovisual firework with Meier, Boris Blank, and guest appearances by Heidi Happy and Till Brönner — all part of this marvelous virtual world of 3D images, directed by Swiss moving image designer and art director Kevin Blanc. ’Touch Yello’ got released in 2009, to present Yello’s album with the same title. Blank said: “Like every album of Yello, ‘Touch Yello’ evokes atmosphere and emotions similar to scenes from a great film. So that’s why we are very happy to present ‘Touch Yello’ within the scope of Electronic Beats Classics.”

The fusion of 3D images and virtual worlds was a fitting event to dive into the story of one of the most innovative electronic bands. After the fifty-minutes show, most of the attendees rushed out to watch the soccer game, while those remaining found Meier and Blank relaxed enough to give autographs. One thing I learned yesterday: when I grow up one day i want to be just like Dieter Meier!


Find more pictures from the screening at our Facebook page.

All Photos by Peyman Azhari, Ghost Press

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Join Electronic Beats at c/o pop 2012 for ‘Touch Yello – The Virtual Concert’

Join Electronic Beats at c/o pop 2012 for 'Touch Yello – The Virtual Concert' It’s only three more weeks until Electronic Beats once again returns to Cologne. From June 20th to the 24th, the North Rhine-Westphalian city will turn into a melting pot of contemporary electronic and pop music for the ninth time. The EB Team is especially happy to announce that we’ll be involved in this year’s edition of c/o pop Festival.

While Deutsche Telekom is partnering up with c/o pop for the first time as a Premium Partner of the festival as well as C’n’B – Creative and Business Convention – offering practical contributions such as social commerce, streaming services and business models of live and content platforms –, Electronic Beats is involved in the c/o pop festival program itself.

Electronic Beats will be hosting Dieter Meier‘s and Boris Blank‘s live show ‘Touch Yello – The Virtual Concert‘, just as we did at Berlin’s Kino International back in 2009. For this year’s event we chose Residenz cinema with its state-of-the-art-projection and audio-system as the location for the Yello show, which will be supported by Swiss pop musician Heidi Happy. Learn more about the concept of ‘Touch Yello’ with our 2009 review video:

As tickets have been on sale for a while and time is getting short, we heavily recommend you to get your tickets now – or win them right here and now. Until 10th of June you’ll be able to join our competition by filling out the form below.

Don’t forget to rsvp to our Facebook event in case you’re coming, and to check out the Slices feature on Yello at the bottom of the page! Hope to see you in Cologne!

– – – Competition is closed, winners have been notified – – –

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