Can’t wait, Graz – today Electronic Beats comes to Austria

Can’t wait, Graz – today Electronic Beats comes to Austria Today the Electronic Beats Festival finally stops at Graz. The Springfestival is legendary, and we’ve already heard quite a few stories. What really let’s us drop a bit of pee into our pants though, is the lineup. But take a look for yourself.

Amon Tobin‘s 2011 album ISAM is a rich blend of complex soundscapes and dance music elements, and he necessarily needs a mindtwisting live show to accompany it – or is it the other way around? Whoever visited Tobin’s ISAM live tour last year was blown away by the moving stage design, 3D projections and stunning visual effects. During our opening night of the festival, Amon Tobin will be bringing his futuristic and ultra-cubic shaped stage show to Graz. The documentary below will give you more insight.

Wolfram Eckert aka Wolfram just turned 30 this week, and we’re sure he’ll be playing one of his very special sets at Graz. You may want to read what his friend Moby has to say about this (not so) young man from Austria. His self-titled debut is packed with all kinds of sleazy superstars such as Hercules & Love Affair, Haddaway and Holy Ghost, and is still on heavy rotation at the office.

Last but not least is Graz’s local heros Zvonko of Disko 404. These guys are responsible for some of Austria’s most fantastic bookings. If an artist is invited to play at one of their parties, you can be sure they’ll be all over music blogs and magazines the year after.

The full hour of the Amon Tobin performance will be broadcast on goTV on June 2nd from 10pm, so if you see any cameras be sure to jump up and down and wave your arms; you could find yourself on TV. Imagine it! Tickets are on sale now SOLD OUT now, rsvp to our Facebook event in the meantime, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates. Be sure to join us May 19th for a spring to remember!

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Wolfram’s favorite ten hour videos

Wolfram’s favorite ten hour videos In the last week or so, everybody on Facebook became totally obsessed with loads of these ten hour loops of … basically everything. Everything from Trololo to cats (obviously), to any and every other stupid meme or song you can think of which has already exhausted its fifteen minutes of fame, got turned into a ten hour loop. While repetition has been a key element in music from the beginning of time and especially in the era of electronic music, we couldn’t tell you the exact reasons behind this new YouTube hype. Maybe these videos are a clever statement against a faster moving world which makes us all desperate for a few moments to slow down. Or maybe it’s just a good way to save you from clicking ‘Replay’ 100 times in a row.

As far as we’re concerned, the whole fad had only one real, central purpose – to have Wolfram carefully sift through thousands (tens of thousands?) of hours of annoying YouTube nonsense and provide us with the the top two champions of the ten-hour-loop phenomenon:

What is love
These looped scenes are taken from the SNL Roxbury Guys sketches, where two brothers dress up and try to pick up girls at a club. In the car (presumably always either on the way to or on their way back from the club), they’re constantly listening to the same Haddaway track and banging their heads. It’s an all-time classic and possibly a reason why Haddaway is featured on Wolfram’s debut album.

Epic sax guy ten hours
Yeah, it’s a ten hour long saxophone loop. See for yourself.

And don’t forget, your next chance to catch Wolfram on stage is at E-Nix Gang Bang this weekend ant Pratersauna and the Electronic Beats Springfestival 2012 Opening in Graz. Be there!

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