Michael’s Choice: January


I first stumbled upon the Brooklyn-based Truth & Soul label in 2007 when Quincy Bright dropped the initial volume of his My Ghetto Looked Like This 7-inch series; ten ace hip-hop instrumentals in the same class as the Beat Konducta. Since then, Truth & Soul seemed to have no truck with commercial success, but that might change soon with their latest signing Ladyan act which has appeared on many ‘ones to watch’ lists over the past few months. The raw power soul of Nicole Wray and Terri Walker doesn’t sound old fashioned at all, instead it ably connects an aching sweetness often found in classic soul music with the contemporary flair of hip-hop.



Back to Cologne, Europe: Techno grandaddies Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt drop their first full-length LP called Die zauberhafte Welt der Anderen (“The Magical World of Others”) in mid-Februrary. There are physical promos around but I can’t find any (legit-looking) web previews right now, so here’s what you do: revisit some of Voigt & Voigt’s beer-hysterical Erdinger Trax series for a taste of how this luring psychedelic and generally way more complex LP definitely does NOT sound.



Produced by Kieran Hebden between 1997 and 2001, this is a free compilation of some of the earliest Four Tet material compiled by Hebden himself a while back. It’s a pretty chill 38-minute ride through lush ambient soundscapes, folktronica and cosmic jazz exercises—essentially all his beloved and renowned signature compound sounds.



This material is supposed to be released on vinyl via Kieran Hebden’s own Text imprint (cat. no. TEXT021). Thanks to the artist!

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Editor’s Choice 4

We listen to a lot of music. Like, a lot. It’s pretty much the point of our jobs, of course, but there’s another reason: we love music. We love buying records, we love going to shows, and (okay, sure) we love finding spur-of-the-moment leaks of heavily-anticipated albums, just like (we hope) you. Music is pretty much our lives.

Rather than operate as a music news source, EB.net operates more as a music information source. We want to share with you; we want you to know what we’re hearing. Welcome to Editor’s Choice: our weekly playlist of what’s making our ears burn.

Walter (Community Manager / Editor)
Percussions – Bird Songs

Gotta love the sound of birds chirping. What’s even better? Birds chirping alongside a massive bass drum. I’m even more curious about ‘Rabbit Songs’ on the single’s A side, though. This one’s out soon on Four Tet‘s TEXT label.

Rustie – After Light feat. AlunaGeorge

Last year’s Glass Swords album by Rustie was a bit of a late bloomer for me, which is why I can heavily celebrate this Aluna Francis re-fitting of Rustie’s ‘After Light’.


Daniel (Editor)
LE1F – Fresh

Been waiting for this kid to break for years now. Finally the world is ready for him. God-level shit.

Suicide Silence – Bludgeoned To Death (MANTIS Remix)

The original is by some terrible scene-teen band I’ve never heard of, but Mantis turn it into an industrialized filthkiller. This one’s for bleeding.


Moritz (Duty Editor Online)
Mark Wundercastle – HI-NRG

Some refreshing breaks and beats from über-talented Mark Wundercastle: Hi NRG / Your love is lifting me / Yeah / Hi NRG / Your love is lifting me / Lifting me high / High / Oooh, so high.

Holly Miranda – Slow Burn Treason (Jamie XX Edit)

As heard on his Essential Mix from last year. Now the full version has appeared online. Most of all / I just don’t want to be free, no.


Michael (Duty Editor Print)
Daphni – Ye Ye

Just learned that my man Dan Snaith is about to release a full-length under his dancefloor alter-ego. ‘Ye Ye’ got released last year on a split 12″ together with the insane Four Tet track ‘Pinnacles’. Check the discogs value to get a feel for what this dope piece of plastic should be worth for you too.

Flying Lotus – Between Friends Instrumental (Thundercat version)

Dude’s just uploaded a bunch of new cuts to his SoundCloud, one of which is the instrumental version of ‘Between Friends’, FlyLo’s collaborative jam with Earl Sweatshirt and ‘Captain Murphy’, who is probably just Tyler. Thanks to Some Kind Of Awesome! for ponting this out.

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Dan Snaith’s new ‘Daphni’ disco

Dan Snaith's new 'Daphni' disco Mr Snaith of Caribou notoriety has shed light on an exciting project under a new alias, Daphni. Over a year since the successful reception of ‘Swim‘ he returns with two teasers following the release of a collaboration with long-time friend Kieren Hebden, otherwise known as Four Tet, who together launched the 12″ back in March on Hebden’s own Text Records. Here, Daphni’s contribution came in the form of a dark and bassy number with Gameboy style melodics in the background and a loud and punchy Detroit-esque vocal in the foreground – but the following two releases from the Canadian go down a completely different direction, both in method and sound.

The two installments that lie in the wake of his debut release earlier this year are called The Daphni Edits Vols 1 & 2, released via Resista Records. They showcase Snaith’s editing abilities on three appropriated tracks from across the globe – Volume 1 consists of ‘Mapfumo‘, 12 and a half minutes-worth of funky afrobeat disco, originally reigning from Zimbawe, that Snaith has carefully constructed to sound like an original in itself.
Daphni – NPE by resista

Following on from this tropical teaser comes Vol 2, a couple of edits found from far and wide and released just this week, again on Resista. First comes all the way from New Zealand and can only be described as “psychedelic primary school disco”, where Daphni’s Midas touch has been applied on a contemporary track by Kiwi group ‘Orchestra of Spheres‘. The second is an older treasure from Western African that Snaith has masterfully restored, restructuring the drums into a syncopated beat and cutting up the guitar and vocals over the top to create an incredibally cheery summer vibe.

In constantly taking on new monikers, combining genres and reinventing his sound, Snaith is paving the way for new music – and it doesn’t seem like his new Daphni direction will be any different. Listen on Phonica’s website for the latest tracks on The Edits Vol 2, and watch this space for more to come.

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Caribou and Four Tet go back to back

Caribou and Four Tet go back to back

Dan Snaith of Caribou and Kieran Hebden of Four Tet have announced plans for a duel 12” to come out on Hebden’s Text Records imprint, as well a show in Berlin this Friday at which the pair will go back to back in a unique night of music at the club Horst Krzbrg.

The split 12” sees Hebden and Snaith taking a side each to create two tracks of wonderful melody, and dance-floor goodness. Both tracks are immaculately crafted (would you expect anything less?) and are directed straight at the dance-floor. No messing around.

Snaith adopts a new alias, Daphni, to create ‘Ye Ye’ which compared to Caribou’s album Swim is a little simpler in production, but just as impressive as any of the tracks on the album. Hebden’s track called ‘Pinnacles’ has its feet firmly in both house and disco, layered with pianos, synths and an infectious beat.

We have two preview streams of the tracks; ‘Pinnacles’ is a rip from the Gilles Peterson BBC Radio One show and ‘Ye Ye’ is via Snaith’s Soundcloud page.

Daphni – Ye Ye by Caribouband

You can catch Caribou’s Dan Snaith and Four Tet’s Kieron Hebden go back to back to back this Friday at Horst Kruezberg. The split 12” will be on the way later this year.

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