Daft Punk working with Nile Rodgers

Daft Punk working with Nile Rodgers Nile Rodgers of legendary disco band Chic is going to be in trouble… well maybe not trouble exactly, but the dance music veteran has let it slip that he is working with Daft Punk on the French duo’s new album. In an interview with Houston’s Culture Map when asked about the band Rodgers said; “Those guys are great. . . they’re coming to my apartment on Monday and we’re going to talk about making a new record together.” Which is a lot more that we are likely to hear from the helmeted duo who’s most recent album was nearly decade ago (not including the rather mixed Tron soundtrack). More information when we find it but rumour has it that there is a strong R&B theme…

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Ariel Pink joins Daft Punk for more Tron

Ariel Pink joins Daft Punk for more Tron Vinyl International are releasing some extra remixes from the Daft Punk score of Tron that feature everyone’s favourite electronics nerd Ariel Pink. Err hang on? Yes, we didn’t see that coming either, but there he is on the TRS-80 remix of ‘Sky Sailor’ which is in fact re-interpretation of ‘Solar Sailor’ with new Pink penned lyrics. Check out the song and track-listing below.

Side A:
1 Daft Punk, TRS-80 and Ariel Pink: ‘Sky Sailor (Float Away)’
2 TRS-80: ‘Now Approaching’
3 TRS-80: ‘Night Flashes’ (10″ Mix)

Side B
4 Daft Punk and TRS-80: ‘End of Line’
5 TRS-80: ‘Blue Fade’

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