Warp Films, ATP & Vincent Moon are seeking to regain support from you!

Longtime friend of ATP, French filmmaker and reinventer of music videos Vincent Moon is well known for his Take-Away Shows series, for contributing to Warp‘s full length All Tomorrow’s Parties documentary and directing fantastic films for Arcade Fire, Efterklang, Mogwai and more. Now he’s teaming up with the ATP Festival and Warp Films for launching a campaign to help fund a series of four short films documenting the All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival.

The films will offer a fan’s-eye view of the popular event, as shot by Moon. Bands up for inclusion in the final versions of the films include Broken Social Scene, Explosions In The Sky, Four Tet, Animal Collective, The National, Teenage Jesus And The Jerks, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a good many more. Now fans (which means you, dear reader) are being asked to make a donation via Kickstarter, with spoils to be had for contributors. You can pledge anywhere from $1 to $5000, and you will receive special rewards for your contribution, from CDs, DVDs and posters to film credits, festival tickets and your own personal film, made for you by Vincent Moon and sent anywhere in the world.

For more info, and to contribute check below:

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Vincent Moon & Efterklang release An Island

Vincent Moon & Efterklang release An Island

Independent French filmmaker Mathieu Saura aka Vincent Moon and amazing Danish 8-piece band Efterklang recently debuted their film An Island, which will be shown at Freies Neukölln in Berlin tonight.

An Island, solely filmed by Vincent Moon who is also known for the French music site La Blogotheque and his video work for artist like R.E.M or The Arcade Fire, features performances, experiments and collaborations with over 200 local musicians, kids and parents who created new interpretations of Efterklang’s 2010 album Magic Chairs (4AD, Rumraket).

The film was shot on an island in the Danish countryside and is the same duration as the music album and judging from the trailer we can expect an amazing musical journey!

If you can’t make it tonight please visit AN ISLAND for more information including how to host your own screening or to find out about other free screening dates near you!

Here’s one of the three teasers:

AN ISLAND – 3rd TEASER – Vincent Moon & Efterklang from Rumraket on Vimeo.

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