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The xx – New music and video

Let’s be honest, the Christmas fairy dust can fade very quickly. The expanding waistline, looming credit card bills, beleaguered veins coursing with beer, red wine and Schnapps thicken our blood into the kind of adhesive normally reserved for industrial strength DIY products. What better way then to clear the blockage than with a belated gift … Continued

The XX working on second album

We are sure we don’t need to introduce The XX to our readers, probably not even our grandparents. The band who had a stratospheric rise to fame last year with the beautifully bleak debut album are now working on the follow up. With a new website to document “our inspirations + pictures + favourite songs…” … Continued

CREEP’s ‘Days’ remixes released today

CREEP‘s ‘Days’ single has simply been destroying the year, its subtly-shifting dark and melancholic synths and clever pop hooks wrapped up in lovelorn vocals of The Xx’s Romy Croft. Now the official remix collection is out on Young Turks, and while it doesn’t feature one of our favorites (the death-discofied house delight from Azari & … Continued

SBTRKT – The Man in the Mask

I’m talking to the man in the mask. The man who is making the world a better place with bass, beats electrified hooks and on-point vocals. From the early days of Brain Math and Ramp Recordings to his self-titled debut album with those Young Turks, SBTRKT (pronounced subtract) has never failed to do anything but … Continued

CREEP take ‘You’ Into The Night

Future-gazing NYC duo CREEP just dropped their new video ‘You’, a slice of gothed-out R&B featuring bloody black and white showdowns in hallways, face-shifting, and the soulful vocals of a re-imagined Nina Sky. Sexy and dark in all the right ways, this is what you get when you introduce fog machines and acid into a … Continued

Valentine’s Day courtesy of Jessie Ware and Sampha

Two rising stars in the electronic game have come together to celebrate Valentine’s Day today, Jessie Ware & Sampha. Jessie Ware has only the one 12″ out with SBTRKT, “Numbers” out and Sampha who resides on Young Turks (The XX) is already well-known in initimate dub-tronica circles, considered next in line for big things. Ware … Continued

New Bullion album on its way

Back in 2007 a young Bullion released a mixtape called Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee which immediately pricked the ears of many a taste-maker the world over who were rightly impressed by the young producers talents which saw him re-imagining both the Beach Boys and Dilla on one mixtape. The following year he … Continued