The beauty of Chi l’ha visto

The beauty of Chi l’ha visto Chi l’ha visto is a testament to the DIY approach to film-making. Made with a small handful of people, an even smaller budget, and some talented actors and musicians, the film (Who Saw Him in English) tells the tale of Gianni Meurer, a half-Italian searching for the father he last saw 25 years ago. The story seems almost like a backdrop, however, for the serene shots of landscapes as Meurer travels from Berlin to Rome in his quest. Chi l’ha visto is Claudia Rorarius’ directorial debut; her studies are in photography, and the haunting still shots in the film are a testament to her talent.

After a show of support from fans, Chi l’ha visto will be opening in cinemas across Germany starting August 18th. We’re all looking forward to seeing this lovely movie in theaters, and we hope you’ll join us.