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The Radio Sessions: Max Dax

Max Dax isn’t just the man behind the scenes at—he’s also he most-featured guest on our Radio Sessions.

There’s a good reason for that, however: the man has a lot to say. He’s done a lot, seen a lot, and has passions that range from extensive knowledge regarding food to the musical avant-garde. His topics of choice for this week are a bit more condensed and closer to home—his favorite tracks of 2012, his love of Grimes (whose beautiful albums Visions is also apparently beloved by you, as it easily took first place in our Reader’s Poll) and the latest issue of Electronic Beats Magazine.

You can listen to the whole radio show tonight on FluxFMstarting at 10pm (CET). Tune in through terrestrial radio or, if you’re outside Germany, head to the stream.

Miss it? You can catch up with the first hour through FluxFM’s on demand feature from Friday, while the DJ mix will be up on EB a few days later.

Published January 02, 2013. Words by EB Radio.