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Thom Yorke rumoured to have remixed SBTRKT

Thom Yorke rumoured to have remixed SBTRKT Radiohead-singer Thom Yorke blah blah blah, now rumoured blah blah remixed SBTRKT‘s ‘Hold On’ under the moniker SiSi BakBak. Blah blah blah Rob da Bank blah on Twitter blah remix by Yorke blah blah, more rumours by KEXP radio, blah blah blah.

The SiSi BakBak take sounds blah blah blah, blah blah “rumour mill” – blah blah blah see where things like these lead to

Preorder blah 12″ blah, blah blah:


(Editorial disclaimer: Yes, this ‘news’ could have stayed uncovered by EB, but media rehashing unverified rumours is just so annoying.)

Published February 20, 2012.