Tropic of Cancer debut vinyl re-issued

Tropic of Cancer debut vinyl re-issued Can anyone resist a husband & wife making music together, especially when it leans towards the avantgarde? The thought of two lovers immersing themselves in music and method and then returning home together to cook some pasta is eminently appealing. Tropic of Cancer are one such duo – Camella Lobo her husband Juan Mendez, aka Silent Servant – purveyor of punishing industrial techno. Finding inspiration in the cracks between industrial, post-gaze and even blank eyed disco, their debut record ‘The Dull Age’/’Victims’ was a 10″ that sold out quicker than it took to find it on google, and has been pretty impossible to find since ( unless you are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money). The record is being re-released on Downwards, the boutique label from Regis, who have released much of Tropic of Cancers music so far. An album is expected early next year.

You can buy the record here.