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Ubi Sunt SS12: Essence of Entity

Ubi Sunt SS12: Essence of Entity For all my mooning over the unisex severity of Rad Hourani or the mutated florals of BCalla, Ubi Sunt is the one I’d ask to design a day-to-day wardrobe. The Swedish designer has an eye for simplistic garments that are the perfect balance between couture and casual. His SS12 line ‘Essence of Entity’ is beautiful, clean and without any over-the-top accessorizing (outside of the random beekeeper’s mask.) There are some designer pieces you collect because of the ‘holy shit look at this thing’ mindset; I get this one a lot. This collection, however, I would wear the hell out of for just about any occasion. Essence of Entity is for anyone who loves beautiful, fluid clothes that whisper taste, not scream it.

Published August 11, 2011.