Telekom Electronic Beats

Video Premiere: Andreas Dorau - Stimmen in der Nacht

Published on June 27, 2011 16:53 Berlin Time

A guitar player since childhood, Dorau was barely in his teens when he released his debut single, ‘The Laughing Pope’. His first hit ‘Fred vom Jupiter‘ (Fred from Jupiter) was written and recorded at high school. Originally credited to the fictitious group Die Doraus & Die Marinas, it became an international pop hit in late 1982.

Decades later his first release off the new album is called ‘Stimmen in der Nacht’ and we are very happy to unveil the accompanied video for this track in an exclusive Electronic Beats/Staatsakt collaboration. The clip was shot at Duvenstedter Brook near Hamburg by acclaimed music video director Markus Gerwinat of QFilm.

Let it roll: