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Videodrome #36 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #36 - This week's best videos Hello and welcome to the V I D E O D R O M E #36, serving nothing but the latest cool music videos from around the world.

#1 Julia Holter – Marienbad (directed by Rick Bahto)

We can’t wait for Julia Holter‘s new album Ekstasis, which will be released in march. But her first single ‘Marienbad’ is already out. With a fan-made video and what a beautiful song that contains many traits of Holter’s music: layers, layers, layers and mystery and a bit of eccentricity + wonder.


#2 Symmetry – Over The Edge (directed by Alberto Rossini)

Video for the new project by Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy, Chromatics and Desire). ‘Over The Edge’ is from Jewel’s From the Symmetry album which comes out via Italians Do it Better soon.


#3 Coyote Clean Up – At Home (directed by Steven Hamilton)

Christian Jay Sienkiewicz from Detroit is the man behind Coyote Clean Up. The track is taken from his forthcoming release FROZEN SOLID on 100% Silk.


#4 o f f love – BE AROUND U . . . (dir.?)

o f f love was the first artist who made it to the new Kompakt imprint m=maximal. After touring with the likes of Austra, Creep and How To Dress Well, he now dropped the chill tune ‘BE AROUND U‘, which is the second single from his upcoming debut album Probably Love.


#5 Jakobin & Domino – Night Glow (dir.?)

Some days ago, we told you the story of Love Shack Records. Today our man in Austria sent us over this video for the Patrick Pulsinger mastered track ‘Night Glow’ by Jakobin & Domino. Like!


#6 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Heart Attack (dir.?)

I wish I lived in the Golden Age … EB favorites The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are back with an excellent video from their upcoming album Out of Frequency. The retro-inspired video features Danish dame Mette Lindberg and shows scandinavian pop at it’s best. ‘Heart Attack’ is a stomper. A dance floor filler.


#7 Jesse Whistler – While The Weather Lashes Out (directed by Jesse Whistler)

“We all need a place of stillness to rest while the weather lashes out. Mine is here, with bio-luminescent creatures from the deep, night sky landscapes and galaxies, aurora australis, spawning coral, pristine waters from a southern Pacific island, new year’s eve fireworks, lightning and other infinitely tiny and infinitely vast things.” J.W.


#8 Miniature Tigers – Female Doctor (Directed by Max Goldblatt)

Miniature Tigers are back with a brand new single called ‘Female Doctor’, and yes you’ll see them in the video… Their third LP, Mia Pharoah, will be out March 6th, though Modern Art.


#9 Cosmo V – Angry Boys (footage from La Haine)

Cosmo V is the alter ego of Cosmo Luhulima who hails from the Netherlands. She reminds us a hell of a lot of Lykke Li and anyone who sounds anything like that splendid Swede is fine in my book.


#10 Zomby – Witch Hunt (Footage from Bullet Ballet)

We can’t count the ‘Witch Hunt’ videos, that are already out there to give this spectacular track from Zomby’s mind-bending album Dedication a visual treatment. Everytime we listen to this track, we are just blown away. Zomby is so good.


#11 NO BABIES – 196 Crayons (directed by by Sean Solomon)

This one goes out to my friend and colleague Daniel Jones who sends tons of emails, telling me, that a 22sec animated teaser video should be part of the Videodrome. I wasn’t sure, but Daniel was right.

Published January 17, 2012.