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Visual Feels: Blackest Ever-er Black

Sifting through tumblr and beyond to find the best crap for you to look at. Here’s your feels:

You know those people who say, “I’m only wearing black until they make a darker color”? You know, me? Well fuck those guys, because scientists went and did that thing:

“Vantablack is a major breakthrough by UK industry in the application of nanotechnology to optical instrumentation; for example, it reduces stray-light, improving the ability of sensitive telescopes to see the faintest stars.”

The new material is so damn dark that it can absorb all but 0.035% of visual light, and almost 78% of goth drama. The applications—beyond creepy military stuff/Vatican Shadow songs—literally extend into space. You’re gonna be able to pimp the heck out of your space telescope, cosmic camera, and cool scientist whip with this abyssal creation. Of course, we can’t ignore the most important application for the new material: sick Oakley shades!! Try ’em, buy ’em, tag me in the Facebook promo! Expect major retouchery in Matrix Blaq-ray re-release to make Neo’s shades compatible with new reality. These feels are so strong I’m getting disgusting sweat pockets from all the backflips I’m doing—pee-youuuu! Smell you later!

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Published July 14, 2014. Words by Daniel Jones.