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White Ring release 12" featuring Neil Young cover

Published on October 18, 2011 10:27 Berlin Time

White Ring release 12 White Ring‘s music was made for this time of year: the cold winds blowing, the smell of smoke and dying things heavy in the air. October gets even more sinister thanks to their brand new single, a 12″ out now on Handmade Birds. The A-side features a thudding, heavy cover of Neil Young‘s classic ‘Hey Hey, My My’, while the B contains fan-favorite ‘Felt U’, released here officially for the very first time. The 12″ also comes packaged with a cover featuring vocalist Kendra Malia‘s shrine to the great Kurt Cobain; the king is gone but he’s not forgotten. Stream ‘Felt U’ below, and order the 12″ here.

Felt U: