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Xosar Lucid Dreams with New Age Pioneer Iasos

In the early ’70s, Iasos began to receive psychic transmissions from a higher being he calls Vista. They manifested as his self-described “paradise music” and made him one of New Age music’s most iconic figures. “Musicians,” he says sagely over Skype, “are merchants selling emotions served on a platter of sound.” His life mission is to lift the planet’s energies through heavenly harmonics, so in a recent conversation with hardware fetishist and fellow Bay Area native Xosar, he deemed her snarling, black-magic techno as liable to “rip holes in your etheric body.”

Still, for Xosar and legions of others, he’s a spiritual guide of sorts. Elements of his philosophy—such as the sinister life-forms known as reptilians that feed off negative energy—won’t vibe with everyone. But part of his draw is that he’s also a wellspring of practical wisdom, offering tips on discipline, tuning into one’s higher self and managing creative flows. (Following his lead, Xosar learned to operate her Octatrack by transcribing the user guide chapter by chapter in different colored ink.) Want to gain admission to the Etheric Music Temple in your astral dreamscape? Let Iasos show you the way.


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X: I want to start out by telling you how deeply your “Tips for Aspiring Musicians” video impacted me when I first started. It made me more confident in expressing my musical ideas without caring what other people think. You talk about adopting the mindset that anything you put out transmits a certain frequency, like a radio station, and people who are tuned in will receive the transmission and appreciate it. Other people won’t, and that’s okay. There’s no need to surrender to other people’s ideas of what music is supposed to be; you should let your heart be the boss. That was powerful for me to hear.

I: You only ever really know what you like. I’ve had some people tell me, “Iasos, you’re doing God’s music, you’re doing the highest music on the planet,” and other people say to me, “Why don’t you go get a job?” You have to honor them for their point of view, but you don’t need to accept it as true for you.

X: I guess the key is for someone to be completely grounded in their own beliefs, which is a journey in itself—figuring out what it is you want to do.

I: I have a tip for that, also: doing your life’s purpose. How do you get to do what your higher self wants you to do? One simple way to do this is: a few times every day, ask yourself, “Of everything that I could be doing right now, what’s the most exciting option? Let me do that.” With integrity, not anything that would hurt anyone else or you. I’ll give you an example. I start walking to McDonald’s, but before I reach it, I meet an old friend. We start talking, and as it turns out, he can make a connection that’ll help me in my career. I end up never even going to McDonald’s. Sometimes, the guidance from your higher self is just to get you moving in a particular direction so certain things can happen.

X: But what if peoples’ natural inclination is to get excited by things like obsessive behavior, excessive partying, drugs, over-eating McDonalds fries, binge-interneting…

I: I said with integrity. That means not doing something that would harm you or anybody else. You’re really fun to look at. I do this with a lot of people, and this is a treat.

X: Well, thank you. I want to talk about the dichotomy between healing and uplifting music that you often discuss—music that is pure, harmonic, and consciousness-heightening—versus dark, dissonant, discordant, distorted, and fuzzy music. What is your opinion on the potential of this dark music to have a positive effect on people?

I: It’s great at killing plants, so I don’t think it’s good for humans either! Let me tell you, in heaven, there is no fuzz sound. Fuzz guitar’s very popular, and the plus side of it is that fuzz can create a passionate feeling, right? The downside is that it rips holes in your etheric body. I used to play flute a lot, and I’d try to reproduce the passionate effects of Jimi Hendrix on my flute. I couldn’t do it. I practically killed myself trying to sound passionate on the flute like Jimi Hendrix. And I finally realized, “Well, stupid, it’s because of the instrument you’re using!” Fuzz guitar has a passionate effect; flute does not. It’s good for other stuff, but not passion. So now if I want a passionate effect, I’ll start out with a slightly fuzzed guitar, but then I’ll filter out the high frequencies to smooth out the curves.

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X: You also talk about the importance of intention and belief in creating music to procure a certain effect. So what if somebody is creating something that you might deem dark and evil sounding, yet their intention is to help people to release or work out those negative feelings?

I: There are cases where angry music can help release anger in people, that is true. For example, the classical music of Stravinsky has a lot of sharp attacks, and had the effect of releasing rigid thought-forms in people. In general, it’s not especially beneficial, but there are exceptions, I’ll grant that. Once I asked St. Germaine in a channeling, “What kind of music do fairies like?” And he said, “Fairies like music created by a balanced soul.” So the more you are in balance within yourself, the more the music you create will be in balance.

X: Lately, people tell me that my music sounds angry, depressive, evil, or demonic, but my intention is for it to be a release of those things, and to help people confront and purge those aggressive feelings that may be looming in their body and etheric field. That’s the effect I get when I’m making the music—exorcizing lower-level energies.

I: It may be cathartic for you, but I’d say for the majority of people, it would have a depressing effect. I myself would not create anything intentionally that I considered that way, out of my sense of responsibility of wanting to create only uplifting music. Also, if you have anger and you want to get rid of it, I can see much easier, more efficient ways than creating angry music. In some ways, you could be reinforcing the anger. You could spend the rest of your life trying to get rid of anger that you’re creating in trying to get rid of it. There’s an easier way, and it has nothing to do with music. It has to do with asking yourself, “What must I be believing right now that’s making me so angry right now?” All emotions are a result of what you’re believing in that instant, okay? You have a belief, it creates an emotional response. Backtrack from the emotion to the belief causing the emotion. When you get in touch with that belief that’s causing the anger and replace it with the opposite belief, there is no anger. Oh, you have a song called “Reality is a Lucid Dream”? You have no idea how true that is. I bow to your wisdom. It is a lucid dream. That’s profoundly wise of you to know. Congratulations.

X: Thanks. I truly believe that.

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I: A very wealthy man once hired me to [go to] his mansion in San Francisco. We go into this room, and I notice a movement to the left. I start walking in, my eyes start turning, and it looks like a full-grown lion. Suddenly it jumped up like this [rears back] toward me—a full-grown lion! When he was in the middle of the air, I thought, “I think maybe I’m going to die now,” and then he landed with his paws on my shoulders. He’s standing on his hind legs, and he started licking my face! He had a tongue this wide! It was like warm, wet sandpaper. That lion had more love than I’ve ever felt from any human being. Pure, sweet, intense love. It was four times as intense as the most intense human love I’ve ever felt. So I went from, “I think I’m going to die now” to “I feel totally safe.”

X: That’s very cute. What if one day I feel like the anger is gone from my heart, and I feel light and happy, yet I am still attracted to these societally-deemed angry, sad, depressing, dark sounds? What would that mean?

I: It means you have those emotions in you. It means there’s anger and darkness in your feelings. What happened in your life that made you that way? Did you have people in your life that beat you up as a little girl?

X: Yeah… Many things.

I: Sweetheart, all you have to do is this: get in contact with those things that happened early in your life that really pissed you off, like being beat up by your relatives, and say, “Okay, it happened. They didn’t know any better, it’s not affecting me now, I’m healthy and intelligent.” Release them. “Who cares? I’m not going to drag that baggage around with me.”

X: That’s why the name of my album was Let Go. But what about people who have not had any traumatic experiences personally, but are hyper-sensitive to the negativity in the media and war going on in the world. What if those things have a profound impact on their spiritual body and they need to express those feelings?

I: They’re not seeing the full picture. They’re only seeing the most obvious part, the growth pangs of a golden age on earth that’s about to be born. You know the mass media is propaganda; it’s not truth. One of the agendas of the mass media is to create as much fear and chaos as they possibly can. There are actually ETs that eat negative emotions; they harvest them from humans. You can think of our planet as a farm for harvesting the emotion of fear. Reptilians do as much as they can to maximize how much fear they can generate.

Remember, beliefs are magnets. They magnetize what you pull into your life. Another example: two people are standing next to each other in a tropical hurricane. Trees are falling, roofs are flying off, everything’s coming down in the wind. One of those people may be thinking, “I don’t care if it is a hurricane, I’m totally safe.” The other person might be believing, “This is terrifying, this is horrible, I’m afraid something bad might happen.” Then a tin roof flies off, and crashes on the person who believes something bad might happen to them and doesn’t touch the person who believes they’re perfectly safe. I would recommend for those people to find alternative news sources on the internet so they’re not filling themselves with horrible news. Overall, it’s wonderful. We’re about to enter a golden age, and it’s really, really wonderful. What sign are you?

X: I’m an Aquarius.

I: Ah. Curious.

X: And you?

I: Quadruple Capricorn.

X: I want to talk about different beings and ETs. Before I get into the higher light beings, I want to talk about the lower beings. Can you tell me about reptilians?

I: Well, reptilians are mostly on the third and fourth dimensions. They’re un-spiritual, arrogant, and think they’re the top of the food chain. Some of them like to eat humans. They are extremely intelligent and powerfully telepathic, but are absolutely devoid of any compassion or empathy or caring for others. They’re masters of genetic manipulation and nanotechnology, and evidently their bodies are filled with nanotechnology. They’re now being rounded up in our solar system and they’re freaking out, because suddenly other beings from much higher dimensions have created a fence around our solar system and nothing can escape it, not even if you’re using a warp or stargate technology. And they’re going to keep everybody here until they’re all held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

The reptilians have a caste system, and the highest level of royalty—the white ones—recently made a request to the sphere-beings that are creating this fence. They said, “Please let us leave the solar system. If you let us leave, we’ll give you all our minions, including the top part of the US human government.” They were denied. Now they’re stuck here. And now, even human ones like George Bush, etcetera, are trying to find hiding places, like hospitals or underground bases, or big compounds in Brazil and Argentina.

There have been some that have been given the choice to be re-programmed in their psyche to make them more love-oriented. They always refuse it. Once the secret space program rounded up a whole bunch of them that they found, and they gave them three choices: Be reprogrammed to become more loving and harmonious, be given a weapon so you can kill yourself, or be relocated to a planet at the other end of the universe where you’ll be far from anybody you could do harm to. About 97 percent chose to kill themselves, and about 3 percent went to a faraway planet. None of them wanted to be reprogrammed.

X: How many would you say there are?

I: I think many of the top level of the US government are. The US government is mostly just a puppet show. The real controllers are behind the scenes, and many of them are reptilian souls in a human body.

X: When do you predict they’ll get knocked down?

I: Anywhere from five months to five years. That’s my guess. I’d say most likely a year and a half, but it’s a big range. They’ll be given a choice: to be reconditioned, to go toward the light, and if they refuse that, then they’re sent to the great central sun for reprocessing, which means their soul starts all over again. The universe is basically very loving, so it will only tolerate negative actions for so long. Does anyone ever tell you you look like Jessica Alba?

X: Yes.

I: Well, it’s not true. Jessica Alba looks like you.


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X: I know you talk a lot about the spirit or light-being you communicate with named Vista, who works through you to communicate uplifting vibes for you to transcribe into the 3D realm. Let’s say I wanted to get in touch with some higher beings. Do you have any tips for me?

I: You already know my main tip, which is go to the Etheric Music Temple over Luxor, Egypt, about two miles above the physical surface of the planet. The ascendant master in charge of the retreat is a strict disciplinarian, but if you’ve got what it takes, he’ll teach you a lot. He works not just with musicians but all artists, painters, computer artists, sculptors, architects…

X: Yes, I’m interested in being admitted into the Etheric Music Temple. You talked about the four criteria to get admitted into this school. Can you go into those four points? Especially the hardest one, number four.

I: Let’s see if I remember. Well, you have to be musically competent. And number two, you need to be psychically sensitive, so if they’re projecting music, you can receive it. And then very importantly, you need to have a strong desire to make music to uplift others. And then the fourth, which knocks out almost everybody, is follow-through. When they get some music idea into your head, they need to know that you won’t let it drift away—that you’ll actually create something. But if you want to go beyond that, then all you need to do is put out a mental request to in the universal telepathic dating service. “Okay universe listen up! I want to have a higher-level being work with me on my music. Here’s my intention and here’s what I want that music to do. Come on over. Oh, and I want someone that’s filled with light and honors free will.” Boom.

X: Okay. I’ll do that. When did you meet Vista?

I: Well, when I was in my last two years at Cornell University, I started hearing paradise music in my mind, but I didn’t know where it was coming from. And then in 1971 or ‘72, it was a very dramatic experience when it happened. I was working with a spiritual teacher, and at a certain point I sensed his personality—bam! That instant released a flash of understanding, and I saw him and his female counterpart, Crystal, up there looking down at me, smiling and happy that I was remembering. And I remembered that we’d made an agreement to work together before I was born. The deal was: I become competent in music, he would transmit music ideas to me, and I would do everything I could to manifest it. And the purpose was to help uplift people to rise with the rising vibrations of our planet.

X: Interesting. I hope to meet someone like him. I actually do have happy, uplifting music also, but it’s not prominent in my online image at the moment.

I: Would you like to be known as a female music creator specializing in dark music, or in uplifting music?

X: I’d like to be known as a female who’s known for musically expressing her emotions in a true and honest manner.

I: And what happens if those emotions inadvertently get very happy?

X: Then I would make happier music.

I: Well then I predict: Your style is about to change!

X: I read about you discussing futuristic technologies in music production, and bridging the gaps between technology and metaphysics. Like telepathy, for example. Can you visualize technology that utilizes a telepathic framework?

I: First of all, the secret space programs have access to telepathically controlled equipment. For example, they have something like an iPad. It’s called a Glass Pad, and when you’re looking at it, it looks like clear glass. The instant you have curiosity about something, it starts displaying information about it in your language, and when you see something you want to know more about, you focus your mind on it. Most advanced ET civilizations don’t control spaceships with knobs and dials and steering wheels; they do it telepathically. It’s not that far-fetched to think that these things will soon be applied to every field of life, whether it’s golf or music creation. I can imagine thinking an emotion, and having a synthesizer come out with a minor ninth chord. I can imagine thinking a tone, and having the synthesizer choose that tone that I was thinking. I could think my computer-controlled digital audio recorder, “Start recording now,” and it starts recording.

Imagine a floating amphitheater that can hold 300,000 people. It’s filled with all kinds of beings from the elemental kingdom: elves, gnomes, fairies, sylphs, water beings, and also angelic beings, archangels, seraphim, etcetera. The concert’s about to begin. You don’t see anything on the stage, by the way. It’s empty. Finally, a highly evolved music master comes out by himself, but he doesn’t have any instruments. He stands in the middle of the stage. Suddenly! He starts releasing these exquisite, splendorous ecstatic symphonies from his third eye. No equipment necessary! No checked luggage! It’s all coming from his third eye. They’re in rapture for hours, just from what’s being transmitted from his third eye. That’s an extreme example of where eventually we’ll be, telepathically.

X: Yes, I definitely see the feasibility of telepathically controlled technology being accessible in the near future. When I studied neuropsychology at UC Berkeley a few years back, my favorite thing to work with was bio-feedback. There was one program that we used called Brain Paint. I used myself as a subject with an experienced operator. First, he hooked up diodes to my head to get a reading of my brain frequencies. He put on headphones that administered strange tones. Then, I was shown a screen with visuals—fractal-based, evolving rainbow patterns, like in an iTunes visualizer. The visuals were totally in sync with the sounds, like if I heard an explosion sound, I would see a fractal exploding out quickly.

But the thing is, the sound and the visuals were not synced up directly; the visuals are an algorithmic interpretation of your brain’s frequency response readings. So basically, what I was watching on the screen was like an algorithm-based fractal representation of my own brain reacting to the sounds. The purpose of the program was for me to strengthen my concentration abilities, so when the brain frequency reader detected a loss in sustained attention, it would administer a shrill beep, a kind of “game over, you lost” noise, and would then start over with a new fractal. It was great in helping me sharpen my attention span. But the point is that knowing this technology exists spawns all sorts of ideas for futuristic telepathically controlled technology, like using this sort of thing to make music.

I: I understand. Not only that, you’re talking about a case where your brain waves triggered visuals, but you also have brainwaves triggering sound.

X: I actually sent you a telepathic message earlier today and I was wondering if you received it.

I: I just got a message saying you were really looking forward to this. What was your message?

X: It was just thanking you for being a source of light energy. I was really looking forward to it too, but that wasn’t the message.

I: So then I didn’t really get it.

X: I’ll practice.

Xosar inaugurated her new label, Gyrocyre, at the end of November with the Show Yourself EP. Read more conversations between Helena Hauff and Veronica Vasicka, Lee Gamble and Robin Mackay and Jeff Mills and Olafur Elíasson.

Published December 11, 2015.