Zenei Hálózatok (Music Networks) book premiere

Zenei Hálózatok (Music Networks) book premiere When we were at the Brand & Music conference, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the must-read publication Zenei Hálózatok, the first complex analysis of the relation between music and the internet in Hungarian language. With an in-depth view on the changes of the music industry driven by online networks, studies about new mechanism and methods of music promotion, distribution, marketing and various customer behavior, we can see that the music industry seems to change quickly, but – reading this book – it doesn’t seem to be a negative thing at all.

Selecting on a wide scale of music genres, from deathcore to electronic music, Zenei Hálózatok is a comprehensive look at the present state of online presence of music. How the digital audio formats turned music-listening into a more social activity or how the roles in music industry blurred as listeners became distributors and musicians turned into their own promoters. Legal issues, technology and media are constantly adapting to the changed market requirements and customer demand, while old music industry structures still exist around them.

Zenei Hálózatok can be downloaded in the Hungarian language, but it’s also available in paper format published by L’Harmattan.