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Christian Löffler

Multidisciplinary artist and producer

When describing his own output, Ki Records co-founder Christian Löffler merges “all kinds of different acoustic colors” to yield a particular feeling. Living in a secluded region and lacking a musical surrounding, Löffler began teaching himself the essentials of making electronic music at the age of 14. Over time, he developed his own deep and moving sound tinged with with melancholy—music for the soul and for the body. He also works as a visual artist, and approaches production in the same mode that he takes when painting or taking photos. It’s more about telling a story than making everything accessible right from the start.

Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler


Christian Löffler turned heads (and ears) with his 2012 LP A Forest. Rather than the cold techno-drenched world of clubs, A Forest lives up to its name as a collection of atmospheric electronics that evoked the beauty and fragility of the natural world. Recently he appeared on our Radio Sessions to talk about the album and his work on his imprint Ki Recordsas well as his plans for the future—but he also gave us a special mix, packed with sweetly gentle tracks that are just as pleasurable for chilling as dancing. Stream it above.

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