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Schneider TM

Few musicians are as versatile as Dirk Dresselhaus, the artist behind the experimental electronic project, Schneider TM. Since the late 80’s, Dirk has played in several bands, such as Hip Young Things and Locust Fudge, before getting into electronic music in 1996 and establishing his solo act Schneider TM.

Since then he has performed at festivals and concerts all around the world as he continued to evolve with electronic music. Schneider TM has become diverse and freeform with Dirk employing field recordings and instruments of all kinds. His sound has become ever more open and natural with recent works, Guitar Sounds and Construction Sounds, both of which were released in 2014 on his independent record label, Bureau B & MirrorWorldMusic.

He started Bureau B back in 2007 with Michael Beckett and has signed several other artists since then. It has become the home for Dirk’s signature freeform sound, attracting many similar artists that are no doubt influenced by the veteran Schneider.