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Shanti Celeste

Shanti Celeste seems to be everywhere at the moment. The Chilean-born producer and DJ first hit the scene while living in the influential dance music hub of Bristol in the UK where she cultivated a fruitful relationship with the city’s Idle Hands crew. She also had a stint working behind the counter at the record store of the same name, cultivating a deep knowledge of what moves listeners on the dance floor. The city was also where Celeste found her footing in the studio, and she dropped her first EP on BRSTL, a label she started with Idle Hands’ founder Chris Farrell in 2011. Her follow up Days Like This was released back on Idle Hands, which saw the early moments of her career flourish as she paid homage to the city that deeply influenced her.

The next few years found Celeste cultivating a style that’s made her one of the most sought-after DJs and producers of the moment: warm, delicate and emotional concoctions of house and techno. Through releases on the likes of Apron, Secretsundaze and Future Times, Celeste’s explored styles that lean on inviting melodies yet feature an ethereal edge that keeps energy in check. She has quickly become a staple at the world’s top festivals and clubs and is known for adventurous yet danceable sets that feature a wide range of electronic genres. Having recently relocated to Berlin and started her very own label, Peach Discs, Celeste’s momentum seems to only be picking up.