10 Artists Who Are Turning Munich Into A Techno Powerhouse

Munich has harbored a world-class techno scene since the 1990s, when canonical clubs like Ultraschall drew international renown to the Bavarian city.

New spaces like Harry Klein and Rote Sonne carried the torch after Ultraschall closed and incubated a new generation of dancers, DJs, producers and promoters who now shape the current, booming manifestation of Munich clubbing. Recent years have seen the rise of hometown heroes the Zenker Brothers and their label, Ilian Tape, the establishment of new ventures like the Mixed Munich Arts and Blitz clubs, the record store and label Public Possession and a new community radio station to unite it all. We caught up with Glaskin, a duo embedded in the local scene, to give us a comprehensive overview of the people pushing Munich techno forward.

Tobias Staab

Tobias Staab is our man. He’s an incredible DJ and promoter with a long history in Munich. He started as a booker and resident at the legendary club Die Registratur, then played regularly at the recently closed Kong and is now a resident at Munich’s newest venue, Blitz. People know that Staab’s sets will take them on a wild ride—a rough, noisey, diverse and colorful one that you won’t forget. His latest contribution to Munich is a festival he launched last November, Noise Signal Silence, which featured Pantha Du Prince, Shed and a Raster-Noton showcase. His influence on Munich is undeniable.

Jonas Friedlich

Jonas never ceases to amaze us. You can’t describe his style with the terms “house,” “techno” or any other genre. He just knows what he’s doing—perfectly. He moves effortlessly between different styles in an organic way, his track selection remains distinctive and his mad matching skills go without saying. He’s just a very, very good DJ. Seriously, check him out, please! Besides being a resident at Mixed Munich Arts, he’s part of the three-piece band Carl Gari and produces music under his own name. He has a new EP coming up on ASOK’s new Four Triangles label.

The Zenker Brothers

It’s impossible to imagine Munich’s techno environment without the Zenker Brothers. No one else out there has a more recognizable and unique sound: the Ilian Tape sound. They have just celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a label tour that ended at Blitz. As this last gig also marked the beginning of their residency, their music shall continue to influence Munich’s scene in the future. The last Zenker Brothers release was in 2015. Now they’re back with a three-track EP titled The Schyren. Big up, boys!


What can we say about someone who doesn’t supply any information about himself whatsoever? He is a highly talented producer and has produced A LOT of music. It’s best described as “heavy instrumental hip-hop,” and it involves lots of synths, drums and samples in it. He has a distinctive signature style and does everything by himself: producing, mixing, mastering and publishing (a.k.a. uploading the tracks on Bandcamp and eventually SoundCloud). May a higher force lead people to his music, as there is nothing else to promote it. He released his last album, Sorry Holmes, I Just Listen To Punk Rock!, in 2013, and we desperately hope he’ll be back very soon.


PYUR (a.k.a. Sophie Schnell) just released her debut album, Epoch Sinus, on Hotflush with self-made videos for each track. She’s a storyteller, and her incredible skills as a producer and outstanding musicality make you lose yourself in her stories. There are rumors that her next album is already in the making. If so, we can’t wait to listen to it!

Skee Mask

Skee Mask‘s productions are defined by a versatile sound and intense, consuming rhythms. But it’s not only his productions that are pure joy; anyone who has watched him DJ knows that he’s capable of completely destroying genre barriers. As his residency at Blitz just started, Munich locals can witness his sets every month. We are really into his new release on the infamous Ilian Tape.


We almost never play a set without one of Stenny’s tracks. His productions can take you on a journey through different genres as well as time and space. Dense rhythms and wide-open tapestries of sound are his trademarks. There are a lot of records we could add here, but the one embedded always stands out for us since the day of the release. He shapes the sound of Ilian Tape, and his residency at Blitz will also leave his imprint on the club.


Everyone in Munich knows these two fellas. It’s not too easy to describe the sound of Schlachthofbronx; it’s somewhere between dub, reggae, dancehall, footwork and grime with influences from Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico and the UK. Their own name for the sound is “Munich bass.” They recently started Blurred Vision, a new project they use to try to make the audience physically feel their music with the help of an outstanding, bass-heavy Elemental Wave sound system. They have a lot of exclusive tracks that are solely dedicated to this unique sound system. For their new release, Haul & Pull Up, they teamed up with maestro Gonjasufi for a collaboration on a track called “Goodbye”.

Rhode & Brown

Rhode & Brown were residents at the recently closed Kong in Munich. The club received remarkable hype throughout the years, and this duo was definitely one of the triggers. Since they started, the two have continuously advanced their productions and have released on renowned labels like Let’s Play House. Over the years, though, they have always stayed true to their mothership label, Toy Tonics. In 2016 they launched their very own label, Slam City Jams. We’re already huge fans.

Public Possession

Public Possession is a Munich DJ duo, label and record store. The pair is well known for their outstanding taste in music and mad mixing skills. The founders started back in 2007 as Marvin & Valentino, and since the launch of their famous project—which is Public Possession—they have shaped the local scene. If you’re into some good summer vibes, check out the mix embedded above.

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