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Monika Kruse’s Anthems From Munich’s ’90s Techno Temple

Former resident DJ Monika Kruse names the tracks that defined Ultraschall, one of Munich's most historically important nightclubs.

Munich’s Ultraschall was one of the most important techno clubs in Germany during the years it was active. Its first incarnation—which was located in the kitchen of a cafeteria at the disused Munich-Riem airport—was founded in 1994 by Dorothea Zenker, Peter Wacha (aka DJ Upstart) and David Süss. Despite this peculiar and remote location, the club became a great success. Nevertheless, it had to close in 1996 because the airport had to be demolished to make room for the city’s Messestadt Riem project. So the team installed a second Ultraschall later that year in a similarly exotic but bigger location: a former factory area of a potato product manufacturer. Although that version was also successful, it too had to close—this time due to unresolved negotiations over a renewed lease in 2003. The team behind Ultraschall then split up to run their own clubs, which dominated the next phase of Munich club culture: Harry Klein and Rote Sonne.

For nine turbulent years, the club served as the nucleus and playground for what was dubbed “the new sound of Munich,” and it was instrumental in catapulting resident DJs like Richard Bartz, DJ Hell and Monika Kruse to international underground stardom. We asked one of those regulars, Monika Kruse, to tell the story of the clubbing institution in ten tracks.