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Azari & III EB takeover starts now - win their latest album here! Today’s the day! Azari & III, our favorite thing to come out of Canada since John Candy, will be serving up something just as sweet today: their thoughts and opinions! Join us as we bask in all their cutting-edge, ’90s-inspired dark-disco madness!

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10 x 4 – Fritz Helder

10 x 4 - Fritz Helder You should know the drill by now – rolling on the 10 x 4 with Fritz Helder of today’s Electronic Beats editors Azari & III

Favourite part of the day to create?
Early in the morning when youve finally relaxed … like 4 or 5am

Method or madness?
There has got to be method in the madness

Most influential person?
Hard to say… jesus?…. Influential in a good way or bad way?

First musical love?
When I was small, my dad used to play Nat King Cole records every Sunday and read the paper. It was hard to resist Nat

One thing you cannot live with out?

One thing you would live without if you could?

Eureka moment?
Still waiting for it… I’ve come close I think, kinda like a sneeze that you feel creeping up but it hasnt arrived yet

Biggest surprise?
Have I won the lottery?

Biggest disappointment?
I’ve had my share of big disappointments, too many to get into today. I guess they also would qualify as my big surprise too…people suck sometimes.

Secret tip?

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Azari & III’s favorite things

Azari & III's favorite things “What do you need out of life?” This is the question we asked Azari & III recently, and the group got back to us with some of their favorite things, from directors to planetary bodies.

Technical Tools
Ideas, vintage Neve strips, 176 compressors, Neumann U47s and M49s, SSL G series buss comps, double dongs.

Films & Directors
Gaspar Noe, Vince Gallo, Fritz Lang. The documentaries FOOD INC and The Corporation. Melancholia. The talented young Canadian director Michael Dowse. The Book of Negroes.

Murikami’s Kafka by The Shore, The Journeyer by Gary Jennings.

Holiday Destinations
Negril, Jamaica. Amalfi, Italy. The Mayan ruin of Tulum. Planet X. New Orleans’ French Quarter. Muskoka Woods in Ontario. Jupiter’s moon Europa. Rwanda (you won’t regret it!)

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A-Z with Azari & III: Starving Yet Full

A-Z with Azari & III: Starving Yet Full What are 26 words that define Azari & III vocalist Starving Yet Full? How about an alphabetical list?

A – Azari
B – booty
C – Cedric
D – drugs
E – echo
F – fem
G – gutsy
H – hot
I – iconic
J – jungle
K – katie
L – love
M – molly
N – n/a
O – outrageous
P – pot
Q – quaalude
R – risqué
S – shaman
T – tits
U – urine
V – vaseline
W – wtf
X – xtacy
Y – yet
Z – zoo

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Five tracks with Azari & III

Five tracks with Azari & III When Azari & III came to our offices, we sat them around a table and dropped five of our favorite tracks on them from artists we’ve recently covered while they wrote down their thoughts. Here they are, thoughtfully transcribed for you!

JAWS – Stress Test

Alexander: When I listen to this kind of stuff my girlfriend gets irritated, but I love it. Also, this track develops into an ill sex jam. This could be some 50+ guy, but it’s some kid from the West Coast, which substantiates my theory that we’re entering a renaissance period. I’m more excited than I’ve been in decades.
Fritz: Spikey and chilly, warlock haunted house music.
Cedric: Awaiting sentencing on Death Row. Jury is on drugs. Sexual deviation. Suspension and elevation. Sub-dominatrix. Vampiric raves. Hermaphrodites and trannies.

Fatima al Qadiri – Vatican Vibes

Alexander: The Alice Coltrane of S&M. Coil-esque ritual jams. Enigma’s sample library.
Fritz: The Legend of Zelda. Not so much…
Cedric: Fireflies & manga.

Legowelt – You Can’t Fly Away From The Hood

Alexander: Me and Nakamichi go way back. I’m putting out a solo EP with Turbo next year.
Fritz: Laser sexy. Hard to describe this because I’m cold so I’m hearing it from a chilly place.
Cedric: Fierce runway. Alien calling. Space travel.

U.S. Girls – The Boy Is Mine

Alexander: U.S. girls are the best. North American girls in general. The best of the world’s gene pools.
Cedric: Stomp the yard.

Kingdom – Fogs

Alexander: Goth soca with a Photek vibe. Nice bass note under the kick.
Fritz: Wave your flag. Kinetic movement.
Cedric: Military initiation. Tribal marriage. Deity, royalty.

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