10 x 4 – Fritz Helder

10 x 4 - Fritz Helder You should know the drill by now – rolling on the 10 x 4 with Fritz Helder of today’s Electronic Beats editors Azari & III

Favourite part of the day to create?
Early in the morning when youve finally relaxed … like 4 or 5am

Method or madness?
There has got to be method in the madness

Most influential person?
Hard to say… jesus?…. Influential in a good way or bad way?

First musical love?
When I was small, my dad used to play Nat King Cole records every Sunday and read the paper. It was hard to resist Nat

One thing you cannot live with out?

One thing you would live without if you could?

Eureka moment?
Still waiting for it… I’ve come close I think, kinda like a sneeze that you feel creeping up but it hasnt arrived yet

Biggest surprise?
Have I won the lottery?

Biggest disappointment?
I’ve had my share of big disappointments, too many to get into today. I guess they also would qualify as my big surprise too…people suck sometimes.

Secret tip?

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A-Z with Azari & III: Fritz

A-Z with Azari & III: Fritz Fritz Helder is one half of Azari & III’s dancing and singing division and we pinned him down to extract the complete insight into his mind – all the way from A to Z.

A All Night Long

B Because I want to

C Crazy because I cannot help it
D Distracted by the Noise

E Electrauma
F Fame

G Get into the groove

H Helder
I Incorporated
J Justify

K Kid Glove

L Little big boy
M Morgen
N No rest for the wicked
O Optimism
P Paradox
Q Question
R Rest
S Sex

T Teases
U Usually
V Visually
W Waste of Time

Y Yello Fever

Z FritZ

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Fritz Helder – Five Things On Tour

Fritz Helder -  Five Things On Tour When Azari & III are on tour, their free time is usually limited and so there are some things the boys cannot live without. First up is Fritz Helder, who is without a doubt one crazy and cool cat. Besides fronting his own international super group Fritz Helder and the Phantoms he – of course – also lends his vocal talents to Azari & III. Here are his personal top five things to take on tour:

1. Sunglasses

2. Too many pairs of underwear

3. Classical music on the Ipod

4. Too many changes of clothes

5. Berocca

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Electronic Beats Recommends you to come watch Azari & III Live

Electronic Beats Recommends you to come watch Azari & III Live Has it been two years already? Two years since Toronto dance quartet Azari & III unleashed their modern club anthems ‘Reckless (With Your Love)’ and ‘Hungry for the Power’ via Permanent Vacation Records. Two years since producers Alphonse Lanza and Christian Farley with performers Fritz Helder and Cedric Gasiada gave their reinterpretation of classic New York City disco and Chicago house to the dancefloor.

It’s really been two years now, and Azari & III have been finishing up their highly anticipated selft-titled album. And while recalling famous tracks by Frankie Knuckles or Jaydee, the foursome took their music from the turntables’ to the stage as live performers too. Following up on a higly successful spring tour, we’re very pleased to be co-hosting their upcoming tour this fall: Electronic Beats Recommends Azari & III Live – simple is that.

Joining as support will be the not less than brilliant Danish band When Saints Go Machine — so you’ll better get ready for the upcoming extravaganza. And since we’re eager to see you down-the-line, you can win tickets too! Fill in the form below and win one pair of tickets for each of the tour’s stops. And here’s the cherry on the cake: one contestant for every city will also win a copy of Azari & III’s debut album.

– – Competition is closed, winners have been notified – –

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