Readers Poll 2012- Favorite TV Series –

We asked you what your favorite TV series was, and the results are in—and thankfully, no mention whatsoever of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. God is real after all. Let’s get started:
1. Breaking Bad (AMC)

This doesn’t come as a surprise: watching Malcolm’s father on his way to becoming one of the most evil characters in TV history is your favorite leisure-time activity. That’s quite amazing given the fact that Breaking Bad isn’t something you just watch –  it’s something you feel. The tension is constantly palpable, and shit gets worse with every episode. But certain branches of television (American cable networks but also ARTE, if you remember Im Angesicht des Verbrechens) have been heading in this direction since Twin Peaks. A much more recent development concerns the mental state of modern day TV (anti-)heroes and their intentions. Walter White is just the spearhead of the league of extraordinary villains that consists of drug lords, real but thoroughly scheming lords (2nd place), psychopaths (3rd place) and terrorists (4th place).
2. Game of Thrones (HBO) 

Forget Lord of the Rings. When it comes to fantasy, George R. R. Martin’s book series A Song of Ice and Fire is the real deal. Set on the fictitious continents of Westeros and Essos, it’s an epic story about power, honor, and betrayal. HBO bought the rights, spent a huge amount of money on production and cast and turned Game of Thrones into the most spectacular fantasy TV show on earth. Surprisingly for an HBO show (though for the most part they stay true to the books) there is no meta-text, but it’s still one hell of an entertaining show.
3. Dexter (Showtime)

When Dexter premiered on Showtime on October 1, 2006 it was groundbreaking. Never before had the main character of a show been a serial killer with a nearly unquenchable thirst to kill. Add an extraordinary visual concept using excessively bright colors and an excellent actor who literary kills it (Michael C. Hall from Alan Ball’s Six Feet Under) to the equation and you have a modern day TV success with years of staying power.
4. Homeland (Showtime) 

It’s Obama’s favorite show. It deals with terrorism. It has Claire Danes in it. The first season about an U.S. marine who was captured by Al-Qaeda and came back home after 9 years as a war hero was by far the most important TV show of 2011. You could argue that season two was full of flaws, but compared to most of what’s on TV today,  it’s still pretty good. A statement made by Alex Gansa during a NYT Q&A sums up why:

“Our motto is, give up the secret before the audience expects it. Because you guys know it’s coming. The only way we can surprise you is to deliver it ahead of schedule. And sometimes letting a secret die with a character is the better twist.”
5. Girls (HBO)

When Girls aired for the first time on HBO, a lot of people were complaining that it was just a show about white people problems and really, it’s quite hard to argue against that. But once you accept it, Lena Dunham gives you the most funny, quirky and likeable TV show of 2012.
The eighth prize—one year subscription to EB Magazine and Slices—goes to Gemma G., Melbourne, Australia.

Your favorite venue of 2012 will be following on Tuesday, December 25th. Find all poll results in here.

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Bogner’s TV Guide No. 16

After month of sweating, getting sunburnt the minute I stepped out of my darkened room, and making shorts part my daily clothing routine, I cannot wait for the downfall of the yellow monster and for nature to wilt and die once more. But apart from the relief that comes with shortening days, there is another great joy: fall comebacks! Here are the ones that have me counting down the days to their triumphant return on air.


 Without doubt Howard ‘24′ Gordon’s show about CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and her wild theory that a decorated war hero (Damian Lewis) has been turned and is now an Al-Qaeda sleeper agent, was last years best. Homeland Season 1 had it all: a weird jazz theme that perfectly illustrated Carrie’s mental health issues, thrills that sometimes brought you to the edge of your seat, and a setting that was as up-to-date as the new Batman wished to be. The Golden Globe for Best Drama Series in 2012 was more than deserved, and if season 2 is only half as great as the first one, Homeland will without a doubt win it again in 2013. And the chances are good… just take a look at the trailer.

Season 2 premieres on Sunday, September 30 on Showtime.

The Walking Dead

When I first heard about Frank Darabont turning The Walking Dead comic into a TV show, I came directly into my nerd pants (worn up to my waist, naturally). And while Season 1 turned out to be really great, Season 2 was, to put it simply, so-so. I don’t really know what to expect from the zombie apocalypse survivors around Rick after Herschel’s farm was ran over, but I’m sure as hell going to watch every season they make (until the dead come alive in the real world, that is).

Season 3 premieres on Sunday, October 14 on AMC.


A few weeks ago I told you about my favorite guilty pleasure, Revenge. After more than twenty episodes I swore to myself that I wouldn’t waste a minute more watching this show, but now I find myself waking up in the middle of the night wondering who Emily’s mother might be (ok, I already spoiler’d that for myself, it’s Jennifer Jason Leigh) and if she will ever ride with her puppy love Jack through the Hamptons. Cheesy as fuck, I know, but sooo addicting… nd a lot better than Gossip Girl, which will be going into its last, ten-episode season.

Season 4 premieres on Sunday, September 30 on ABC.

Modern Family

Al Bundy is one of the greatest characters in TV history, and I still don’t get why it wasn’t him instead of Chuck Norris who became the internet’s number one hero (this is a good point, actually – Ed.). After all, Married with Children had everything you could ask for in a meme. So as you may have guessed Ed O’Neil is the number one reason for me to watch Modern Family, which shouldn’t discredit the rest of the cast who make this show extremely funny and make me really look forward to the upcoming fourth season, which brings a new baby to the show.

Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, September 26 on ABC.

(by the way, I know this trailer sucks, but you get the idea, right?)


Wait for next week to find out about exciting new shows to come up this Autumn.


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Golden Globes 2012 Recap

Golden Globes 2012 Recap The Golden Globes ceremony was held yesterday night and for the third time it was the British comedian Ricky Gervais who hosted the evening and started his opening monologue like this: “The Golden Globes are just like the Oscars, but without all the esteem.” But this year the scores of stars on hand at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, from Steven Spielberg to Meryl Streep to Brad and Angelina, got a less acidic host and had great fun listening to Gervais’s opening speech. Later the show did see some worthy winners in television: our favorite ‘Homeland‘ series – Showtime‘s look at terrorist conspiracy on U.S. soil, won best TV drama, and its lead, Claire Danes, won her third Globe. The ABC comic gem ‘Modern Family‘ won for best TV comedy or musical. And then there was also room for Madonna, who got an award for the best original song “Masterpice” from the movie ‘W.E.’ – just some days before her new album M.D.N.A. will see the light of day. Enjoy the Gervais’ opening monologue in full glory below:

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2011 Editor’s Picks: David

2011 Editor's Picks: David Over the last decade everyone has been making a fuss about how TV-series are becoming more important and innovative than big screen movies. This is totally wrong. Even though both use moving pictures, they are two quite different forms. It’s like comparing a 7 verse poem to a 500 pages epos or a one page comic in a newspaper to a graphic novel.

That said I hereby present you my top five TV shows this year.

5. Beavis and Butthead Season 9

Forget about any fuckin reunion of any given band on earth. Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butthead is the comeback of the year. What I’ve seen so far, was more than great, which is why Charlie and the Gang haven’t been in my year’s end list for seven years now.

4. Louie Season 2

The second season of stand up comedian Louis CK started with a big fart and made me cry in the last episode. In-between there have been more touching scenes than in all seasons of Six feet under together.

3. Game of Thrones Season 1

It’s been epic. Not only in terms of money (allegedly the pilot alone cost more than 20 million dollars) the cast (from Sean Bean as Ned Stark to any given squire, all the actors were brilliant), but regarding the story. George R.R. Martin works on a seven books long fantasy series and HBO turned book one into the first season of an epic TV show. There is much more to come!

2. Workaholics Season 2

Season 1 was so so, but season 2 turned Workaholics in the most fun TV show this year. Blake, Adam and Anders are three post graduate mid 20ies guys who work at a telemarketing company and share a house. The humor is as stupid as it sounds, but it works. Also great: guest appearances of guys like Tyler, the Creator and his gang among many others.

1. Homeland Season 1

Originally an Israeli TV show (like the great In Treatment), a team around Howard-24-Gordan developed it for the American market. And like no TV show before it turned all our fears into 10 episodes ala 50 minutes of pure thrilling entertainment. You never guess what’s coming next yet nevertheless it’s always plausible. In addition to that it features performances by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis and is one of the best in TV show’s history.

Haven’t seen more than two seasons of Breaking Bad though.

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