Lone discovers the ‘Galaxy Garden’

He’s always been ahead of the music Zeitgeist anyway, so why should Matt Cutler aka Lone be changing this pattern now?

The Manchester-based producer and Magic Wire Recordings label founder is currently working towards the release of his fifth album, titled Galaxy Garden, which he’ll be putting out through Belgian/British R&S Records in May.

While his last album Emerald Fantasy Tracks (2010) already sent us on a journey through modern dance music, soldering up house, hip hop and rave elements, we’re now expecting an interstellar adventure with Galaxy Garden. R&S just released a preview for the album, the forthcoming single ‘Crystal Caverns 1991’ – out March 26 – comes with b-side ‘Vulcan Mill Acid’, a new track which won’t be appearing on ‘Galaxy Garden’ – stream the synth bleep-heavy and drum-playful track below:

The album is reported to feature collaborations with Machine Drum and Planet Mu‘s Anneka, the colourful artwork (see above) comes from Glasgow’s Tom Scholefield aka Konx Om Pax, who previously did visual works for Hudson Mohawke, Martyn and Lucky Me collective. Galaxy Garden is out on May 7th 2012.

In related news: after a series of R&S label nights, the British label will host a full night at Berghain floor on March 9th. Space Dimension Controller, The Chain, Airhead, and Pariah are billed, also there’s some chap called James Blake who’s supposed to play a dj set – let’s see how this goes (To be honest: it went pretty great when he DJed during Sub:stance night in October 2010.)

Lone – Galaxy Garden:
1. New Colour
2. Animal Pattern
3. Out Run’s Splash Wave
4. As a Child
5. Cthulhu
6. Lying in the Reeds
7. Dragon Blue Eyes
8. Crystal Caverns 1991
9. Raindance
10. Dream Girl / Sky Surfer
11. Earth’s Lungs
12. Spirals

The author on Twitter:

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Rustie plays with Horst & Groove this Saturday

The future has now been three years in the making.

It was in September 2008 when Wireblock records hit us with their third catalogue number overall, and it went straight through the roof: Rustie‘s ‘Zig-Zag’ sounded as if it was directly exported from obscure video console games. Since then the young fella behind the pseudonym, Russel Whyte from Glasgow, became one of the most promising post bleep-hop meets electronic bass meets crunk meets prog rock producers.

Together with Hudson Mohawke they became the most hotly tipped artists from Britain, and together with the Numbers collective they brought record labels such as Warp Records to re-adjust their release agenda – which is why both of them got contracted by Warp. And after HudMo has released several Eps and an album for the british label, it’s now up to Rustie to take over the baton.

Following up on his ‘Sunburst’ EP earlier this year, Rustie’s debut album ‘Glass Swords’ just hit the shelves with massive bass, 16-bit video game references, clipped drum rolls and power-pop elements – in short: big fun music. See for yourself, ‘Glass Swords’ album stream and Rustie’s NPR summer mix are embedded below.

While promoting his album worldwide during the last weeks, Rustie now stops by Berlin’s infamous Horst Krzbrg this Saturday and surely will produce big stir with his live set. Joining him at the Kreuzberg located club will be UK bass producer Lone (Werk Discs, R&S Records), ghettobass producer Silverman (one4ho) and Leisure System‘s Area Boy.

Also, this night will be the release party of the new Groove Magazine issue, sporting Rustie on the cover. Don’t forget to stop by their website and pick up Rustie’s excellent ‘Groove Podcast #2’.

Come early; Horst will open its doors at 11pm.

Rustie – NPR Summer Mix

Rustie live sets:
October 28th BE-Brussels – Bozar
October 29th D-Berlin – Horst Krzbrg
November 4th DK-Copenhagen – Dunkel Bar?
November 5th NL-Den Haag – TBA
November 17th NL-Eindhoven – Klokgebouw
November 18th FR-Paris – Social Club
November 25th UK-London – Hidden
November 26th NL-Eindhoven – STRP Festival

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Download Thom Yorke from the Boiler Room

Download Thom Yorke from the Boiler Room The last Boiler Room went straight through the roof. Not that the London based live streaming party hadn’t already built up a huge reputation, but Radiohead singer Thom Yorke joining for a dj set might have been the most prominent guest spinning at a Boiler Room so far.

Next to sets by Jamie xx, Illum Sphere, Lone, and others, Yorke opened up the release party of the Radiohead ‘The King of Limbs Remix’ album with a 30 minute set, which you can watch below as well as Thom taking pictures and posting them to ze interwebz. Containing tracks by Blawan, Ramadanman, Madvillain, Africa Hitech, Modeselektor and Slugo we recommend you to save the set file from over here straight to your harddrive. Blen!

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Lone – Future throwback

Lone - Future throwback

Lone makes music that has the optimism of early rave and house hermitically sealed into it’s DNA. Moving between past and the future with the deftest of movements he guides his machines to somewhere that sounds like the promised land of your youth, and yet at the same time is thrillingly contemporary. With releases on Actress’ Werk Discs label and the resurgent R&S Lone’s mutations of dance music coalesced on last years’ Emerald Fantasy Tracks – an ecstasy fuelled trip into retro-futurism released on his own Magic Wire Recordings imprint.

I caught up with Lone, aka Matt Cutler to find out some more.

Hello Lone, please can you introduce yourself.

Hello. My name is Matt [Cutler] and I make electronic music under the name Lone. I’m from Nottingham in England, but I’m currently living in Manchester.

How did you get started in making music?

Through playing video games and listening to hardcore tapes, and an Aphex Twin CD.I was just so inspired by these things, I had to give it a go my self. This was around 1995 I think.

How did you first get connected with Actress / Werk?

I sent him a bunch of tunes because I loved his music and what he was doing with his label, like, Lukid and Zomby in the hope that he might be in to the idea of releasing some of my music. One of the tunes I sent to him was called ‘Joyreel’ which he said he liked and would be up for putting out as a 12″… that was really cool, so I kept sending him tracks and he agreed to make it a full-length album, which became ‘Ecstasy & Friends.’

Do you think there are still local scenes in dance music?

There are so many little local scenes appearing in music these days, it all gets a bit too much for me to be honest so I don’t pay much attention to them… I just get on with my own thing.

Has this affected the music you make?

Nah, I try not let anything affect what I do to be honest.

Does Nottingham have a strong scene?

I really hope so. I haven’t visited Nottingham for a while though so I’m a bit out of touch with what’s going on. Obviously Neon Jung and all the Wigflex crew are doing really cool things. Look them up if you aren’t already familiar.

Do you think it is important to support your peers where you come from or to move where things are happening most?

Always support what your friends are doing totally..

You have mentioned in the past that you are influenced by nostalgia – do you think that will always be the case? is it tangible things you feel nostalgia for, or feelings?

Yeah I think that will always be the case. I’m always looking to the past for inspiration, whether it be drawing on emotions I might have felt at a particular time or actual events, happy or sad memories from particular times..

How do you channel that into your work?

I’m not entirely sure how I manage to get it channelled into my tracks to be honest with you… it seems to be something that just happens completely naturally – almost sub-consciously. I tend not to analyse it too much, and just let my ideas flow organically….

How did it feel to get release with R&S?

It feels very very strange as a lot of the earlier music they released had a massive impact on me creatively as a kid… It’s really exciting too, to be part of the history of the label in some sense. It inspires me to make the best music I can possibly come up with

Do you feel under any weight of expectation being hyped as an artist?

I really don’t see my self as ‘hyped’ at all – so no, definitely not. If I felt like I was getting hyped up by people then I’d probably feel quite pressured, but as it is, the only pressure I feel is what I put on my self to make better music…

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The Vinyl Factory offers essentially beautiful Tensnake-LP

The Vinyl Factory offers essentially beautiful Tensnake-LP

Collectors, watch out! Classy music retailer The Vinyl Factory just unveiled the release of a beautifully crafted Tensnake-LP. Probably best known for the omnipresent dance tune ‘Coma Cat’ as well as for his remixes for Azari & III, Aloe Blacc, Hercules & Love Affair and the like, the Hamburg-based producer is one of the most promising acts when it comes to new forms of house and disco.

The limited edition release Tensnake Live + features two exclusive new Tensnake tracks – ‘You Know I Know It’ and ‘Something About You’ -, three exclusive edits from Jas Shaw (Simian Mobile Disco), Lone and Tensnake himself plus a bonus mix CD. The hand-crafted packaging was done by famous Dutch design company Droog, about which Tensnake aka Marco Niemerski says looks "amazing". The records themselves come as 180-gram heavyweight vinyl.

Tensnake Live + is limited to 1,000 copies, can be pre-ordered via The Vinyl Factory and costs £ 35. As always with these fine editions, it’s imperative to act fast before it disappears.

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