10 x 4 – Bruxa

10 x 4 - Bruxa You might remember Bruxa from our recent premiere of their latest single ‘V?!’, remixed by the excellent Nightmare Fortress. We’ve been grinding to their tunes for a while now, entraced by their fog-friendly combo of witchy flavors and dubstep-adjacent beats. Since they’ve been hooking us up with so many sick sounds, we hooked up frontwoman Bianca Radd with our 10 x 4 questionnaire.

1. Your most memorable show?
Opening for Gang Gang Dance was really great, but I would say our show at Thee Haus most memorable. Great party, no sleep, a morning ride to jail with a sandwich, coffee, and a doobie with my papa.

2. Is any aspect of fame important, and if yes, why?
fame sounds shitty and awful

3. If you were still in high school, which clique would you belong to?
I’d have to show up then?

4. An album that changed the way you thought?
Bjork’s Post.

5. What does underground and mainstream mean to you?
Gang warfare!

6. What defines your music-making process?
Grape blunts, Bacardi Silver & Gold, Tim’s Cascade chips, Sixlets, Atomic Fireballs, black cats , zip-ties, Alizé, extraterrestrial stunt queens.

7. Name three essential artists.
Salvador Dali, Nina Hagen, Tupac.

8. Write a non-promotional paragraph.
My grandma was abducted by aliens when she was 12, in Gocian, Idaho, and now they beam her messages using a small bb-sized transmitter behind her right ear. They left her standing alone in the middle of a field, and returned one evening in their mothership hovering over her car. My grandma is the best grandma ever. I watch The Price Is Right with her, and she makes me hot cocoa. Oh yeah, and she smokes mad weed.

9. Indispensable outfit?
Tiedye, paisley top, Freebox Reeboks, Tank Girl goggles, Old Navy techvest, Baby Phat jacket (thanks grandma!), black on black on black. Long live the new flesh!

10. Your current favorite song?

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Che and Frida as hipsters

Che and Frida as hipsters Ever wondered what music Salvador Dalí would listen to if still alive today? According to Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo he would prefer Vampire Weekend, Cleopatra would have a Justice tattoo on her chest and Frida Khalo would be ecstatic about the new Daft Punk album we’ve written about recently. Illustrator Ciraolo has played with the appearance of the most famous modern icons, and tried to figure out how they would look like if they were still active today. One thing’s for sure, they would all look a bit hipster-ish and adopt pop and kitsch culture elements into their personalities. Take a look at Che Guevara‘s slim fit jeans, Jesus‘s new Casio watch or Dorothy‘s sleeve tattoo, and then move on to other examples of Ciraolo’s outstanding work here.

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The Bullitts prepare debut

The Bullitts prepare debut

The Bullitts is a new project from Jeymes Samuel a producer who has worked with artists as diverse Jay Z, Estelle and EB favourite Róisín Murphy.

Described by Samuel as "action adventure music" the debut single features both Jay Electronica and actress Lucy Liu of Charlie’s Angels fame.

The single, ‘Close Your Eyes’, sees Liu take on the role of narrator Amelia Sparks an "ice-cold murderess awaiting execution on death row" who’s narrative joins Samuel’s baritone and Jay Electronica‘s rapping.

The narrative is apparently updated via Twitter in real time, though how the Liu’s character got a smart phone on death row is not made clear…

The accompanying video is a re-interpretation of Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel’s film, Un Chien Andalou and the album They Die By Dawn and Other Short Stories will be released this Summer. Guests on the album include Tori Amos and Mos Def.

Check out the video below.

Close Your Eyes (featuring Jay Electronic and Lucy Liu) is released on 18th April 2011

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