Watch Scooter live in Hamburg via Electronic Beats’ video stream

Frequent visitors to the site will already know that Electronic Beats is presenting a very special Scooter concert in Hamburg on December 5th. Taking place at Uebel & Gefährlich, the show is set to be one of their most intimate dates they’ve ever played. Naturally, tickets are in high demand but for everyone unable to attend we’re excited to announce that we will be hosting a live video stream of Scooter’s Hamburg performance here at This follows on from highly successful live streams from the Pet Shop Boys’ showcase last September, this year’s EB Festival Cologne and Chilly Gonzales’ appearance in Vienna earlier this year and we guarantee, it’s the next best thing to being there.

For those who you who want to be in with a chance of being there in person, please be aware that the only way to get tickets is to enter a raffle to win them. Just fill in the form below. In the meantime, check out what happened when Modeselektor met H.P. Baxxter in this interview (parts one, two and three),  H.P. Baxxter’s Style Icon piece and (soon to be ex-Scooter member) Rick Jordan’s Depeche Moment. Want more Scooter goodies? EB editor-in-chief Max Dax has collaborated with the band to bring you the book, Scooter: Always Hardcore, published on November 18th—we will be publishing exclusive extracts in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

**UPDATE: This competition is now closed, and winners will be informed on Monday, November 25th.

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Win a pair of tickets to a free trip to see Depeche Mode in NYC

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Thank you for participating. Winners have been notified. 

Depeche Mania has been sweeping EB this summer with a selection of fan-curated exhibitions, new interviews and conversations with the band and their peers, and live shows across Europe. Now we’re giving two lucky globetrotters a chance to see one of the world’s most famous bands perform in one of the world’s most famous cities—entirely for free. On September 6th, Depeche Mode will hold a concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NYC. We’re giving each winner a pairs of tickets, flights and three nights in a hotel to the event. Spend an evening basking in the glow of songs classic and new, and then soak in some of those New York sights and flavors (we recommend The Bagel Store and Blue Bottle Coffee for breakfast and a Sicilian slice at L & B Spumoni Gardens for a quick afternoon recharge).

To win, all you have to do is sign up to our newsletter before 11:59 CET on Thursday July 18th—don’t forget to write “DM NY” in the Event field below so we know you want to be considered for this competition. We’ll notify the winners by email the next day. (You probably already know that you have to be over 18, have to have a valid passport and—if you’re not American—you are responsible for your own US visa.)

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EB Festival Poznań: Win tickets to see Dizzee Rascal, A-Trak, Modeselektor, and Hundreds

UPDTAE: more tickets available now!


There’s less than a week to go until our Electronic Beats Festival hits Poznań, Poland, featuring the British MC and producer who both tops the charts and rules the underground, Dizzee Rascal; a live performance from Berlin’s premier techno duo Modeselektor; longtime turntablist and Kanye West’s tour DJ A-Trak; and Hundreds, the sibling duo who combine the clean electronic aesthetic of Raster-Noton with the intimate songwriting of Low. If you haven’t bagged yourself a ticket yet, never fear, we’ve managed to get hold of ten pairs to give away.

To win a pair of tickets and join us at MTP 2 in Poznań on April 26th, simply send us an email to with the subject line “Poznan”. We’re accepting your entries until 6pm CET, today April 25th. Winners must be 18 or over and must provide their own transport and accommodation. Winners will be notified by email.

Read our interview with Hundreds here. Listen to Modeselektor live at EB Festival Budapest last year here.

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Perfect Ten: Hundreds answer ten questions

Eva and Philipp Milner are the sibling duo from Hamburg called Hundreds. Philipp plays piano, computer, synths, and contributes backing vocals while Eva sings and plays autoharp and percussion. Together they create evocative, song-based music with electronics, creating a hybrid of emotive pop and sleek technology. You can download their free EP Under the Icicles here, and catch them live at our festival in Poznań supporting Dizzee Rascal, A-Trak, and Modeselektor. We asked them ten questions, which Eva kindly answered for us.

Your most memorable show?
That was actually at Kulturalna, Warsaw, November 2011. It was in the middle of a six-week tour and brought the power back to all of us. 30 minutes before we started, the club was empty, but then all of a sudden 100 people showed up. And sold it out. The audience was very excited. I couldn’t dance as much as I wanted to on the small stage, so I jumped into the crowd and they started dancing wildly with me. Philipp was alone on stage and played a kind of rave part, he was smiling the whole time. The people screamed at him and gave him props for making them dance so hard.

If you were still in high school, which clique would you belong to?
I think I still would belong to the nerds. But I wouldn’t be unhappy about it. After school ended, I found out that being an outsider is much better for your personal development than being popular. Teenagers are cruel, but you learn a lot while struggling.

What’s your spirit animal?
Horse, because of the meat scandal.

Should music be free?
No. End of story.

What’s one important lesson you learned from your parents?
That love makes the difference.

Latest find on Soundcloud or Bandcamp?
Miss Kenichi, she is a great singer-songwriter from Berlin, sounds a tiny bit like the early PJ Harvey. I really like her way of singing and the darkness in her songs. I love “River”—the lyrics, the choir and the roughness.

Name three essential artists and what makes them essential.
Björk—for writing and singing the unsingable.
Fiona Apple—for grooving like a beast.
Radiohead—for being the best band in the world, especially live.

Your current favorite song and what you like about it?
It’s a song from 2004 on the unreleased version of Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple. The song has the same title. I really like the lyrics, her way of spitting the words. While we are working on our new album, I do a lot of ad-libbing and this song is one of my favorites to sing along and improvise.
“If there was a better way to go then it would find me
I can’t help it, the road just rolls out behind me
Be kind to me, or treat me mean
I’ll make the most of it, I’m an extraordinary machine”

Tell us something nobody else knows about you.
I peed in that elevator, when I was five.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
Maybe I would work on a tomato farm in the south. Or I would be a dog breeder.~

Electronic Beats Festival Poznań 2013: Hundreds to join A-Trak and Modeselektor

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<i>We Are Modeselektor</i>: An interview with filmmakers Romi Agel and Holger Wick

Romi Agel and Holger Wick, the filmmakers behind the award-winning, quarterly DVD magazine Slices have turned their directorial eyes to a feature-length documentary on the dynamic electronic duo Modeselektor, resulting in We Are Modeselektor, which is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from May 3rd via Monkeytown Records. We asked them a few questions about their ideas, the process, and working with the infamous musicians. Photo of Romi Agel (above) by Luci Lux.


How your documentary on Modeselektor come about?

We’ve known Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary for quite a while since we’ve shot several features about them in the past—for Slices as well as for Carhartt and Time Out Magazine, for instance. As time passed, we watched them get bigger and bigger on an international scale. Soon it was clear that the duo had turned into a real pop phenomenon. On the one hand, they’re able to move the masses. On the other hand, their sound is not what you would call lowest common denominator—but they play at festivals for 10,000 people without raising an eyebrow.

We love their unique sense of humor, but what we found most interesting is the fact that they’re two very different people, which is why we came up with the plan to portray their artistic duo. When Modeselektor won the critic’s prize of the German ECHO in 2012, we got the idea to make a documentary about them. Shorty after, we talked to Sebastian and Gernot, and guess what, they liked the idea! We began filming in June.

What’s the concept of the movie?

We wanted to avoid a rock’n’roll story in the style of Justice, by any means. Rather we wanted to tell their biography and display the Modeselektor cosmos in the most authentic way possible. That’s why we focused on their origin, the beginning, and development of their career until today. In that relation, it was a true gift that they had been working in a creative environment from day one—there was always somebody with a video camera around. Thus we got our hands on true archive treasures. At the beginning of the ’90s, nobody would have thought that Modeselektor would be that successful. But for some reason they appeared on some friend’s cameras all the time.

When conceptualizing the film, we chose to follow this historic thread but break it here and there with current tour footage, as well as with private snapshots. The result is a nice opposition. To see their placid early days in contrast to how they move the masses nowadays enables the viewer to perceive Modeselektor’s very personal way in a detailed manner. This juxtaposition allowed us to go deep into the topic and provide answers to questions like: What kind of guys are they when they’re not on stage? What makes them individual and what’s their common persona as an artistic duo? What is it that makes this band a true phenomenon?

How was working with Gernot and Sebastian?

Our wish was to shoot everything as spontaneously and intimately as possible. That’s why only the two of us went on tour with them. In the narrowness of a nightliner or while waiting for the next flight, we got close to everybody and conversations started almost automatically. Thus, we had the chance to observe some very private moments and also got to see how Modeselektor behave in extreme situations, how their relationship with the crew works, their mood before and after a gig.

From a journalistic point of view these insights, were really interesting, and they also prove to be essential for the concept of the documentary. Similar things happened when visiting close friends and memorable places from their past, for instance when we sat in Szary’s mom’s garden, drinking coffee. Just by listening to the conversations about their beginnings and work history we learned a lot of private background knowledge—even if the camera was already turned off.

What was your biggest challenge when making the movie?

The biggest challenge was to choose from all the material. We had hours and hours of moving image material and even more unscripted information to deal with—we could have done a three-hour film without any problems! But naturally, we couldn’t include every little bit but instead had to focus. For instance, we’ve been thinking intensely whether and how to include the Moderat chapter. In the end we skipped it with the argument that it should be a true Modeselektor documentary—and not a mixed piece about Moderat or A.T.O.L. or any other surrounding act. The same thought applied for the band’s pool of labels. We passed on commenting on Modeselektor’s own 50 Weapons imprint but instead focused the narrative on their mothership Monkeytown Records. We didn’t want to lose our golden thread. The movie works without voiceovers, which means that the protagonists tell their story by themselves. This demanded discipline in our work, especially when conducting interviews. We also felt pretty challenged with the kill your darlings scenes, but that’s kind of obvious, we guess.

We Are Modeselektor will be released on Monkeytown Records. Why?

Originally we wanted to release the film on our own, but finally realized that Monkeytown’s distribution channels are far better than what we had to offer. This brought us the advantage of being able to focus on the movie itself while Monkeytown takes care of the distribution, promotion, and so on. We’re pretty happy with this solution, even though we’re aware of the fact that some people will say, “Oh, they produced a film about themselves and want to show off!” But that’s totally not the case. The complete concept and execution was ours. Sebastian and Gernot saw it for the first time when we had a raw version already.

The movie was realized together with Electronic Beats. How did it come to that collaboration?

We’ve been producing the DVD magazine Slices for Electronic Beats for about eight years. In that regard—and because Modeselektor are frequent guests on Electronic Beats Festivals—the collaboration kind of suggested itself. We have a very trusting relationship with the brand. Additionally, it should be clear that making such a documentary means a certain financial risk for us and everybody involved. With the support of Electronic Beats, we could get along much easier. Generally speaking, we feel obliged to strike a blow for the EB program: they always give us a carte blanche to do our projects, which we don’t take as given. After all, Modeselektor are still operating in a musical niche—even if they now receive international recognition. In that sense, we find the whole attitude of Electronic Beats’ program praiseworthy, especially since they stay on target for a long term.~



April 30 / Berlin (GER) / Kino International – Exclusive world premiere presented by Electronic Beats
May 08 / Munich (GER) / Gabriel Filmtheater
May 09 / Vienna (AUS) / Ottakringer Brauerei
May 17 / London (UK) / Roundhouse
May 19 / Boston (USA) / Museum of Fine Arts
May 24 / Paris (FR) / La Machine du Moulin Rouge
June 13-15 / Barcelona (ES) / Sonar Cinema at Sonar Festival (3 screenings)
June 19-23 / Cologne (GER) / C/O Pop

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