EB Album Stream: Telonius’ <i>Inter Face</I>

German producer Jonas Imbery drew our attention earlier this year under his moniker Telonius with his video for “Kiss Your Face“, a sweet slice of house music packed with a palpable disco-funk influence that keeps it fresher than your average club offering. Now the musician and Gomma label co-owner brings us our own exclusive: no less than the premiere stream of his debut album Inter Face. Not only that, but as he’s given us his own track-by-track guide through the album, so you can have a peek into what inspired each individual song. It’s all waiting for you below.

1. “Now”

This was on the Now I Do maxi. From a production standpoint, that was the first maxi where I came relatively close to my idea for ​​the club sound of the next maxis. Looking back, it’s almost a pity that the B side is not on the album, as it’s slightly more “edgy”.

2. “Kiss Your Face”

One of the strongest tracks on the album, in my opinion. Slightly unusual vocals, but extremely catchy. There’s a great video for it by Bureau Borsche.

3. “Old Toy”

It’s the first single release, which was really well received. You’ll also find an amazing Stefano Ritteri remix on the 12″. Vocals from Kokutekeleza (also see “I Make You Man”)

4. “I Make You Man”

The text is by the director Klaus Lemke. He made the video for the song ​​with material from a film he made with Thomas Kretschmann just before he became a star in Hollywood. It is the title track from Lemke’s new film, which will be one of the opening films at the Venice Biennale.

5. “Control”

With this one and the track on the other side of the Maxi OUT, I was inspired by my collaboration with the drummer from the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Both tracks are very rhythm-oriented, with driving ostinato bass figures.

6. “Swimsuit” feat. Faberyayo

One of my favorite numbers on the album, with the singer of Lele. Great lyrics – not too serious and loaded with meaning, yet without being bland. The backing track came from a studio session with a few buddies.

7. “All I Need”

The vocal snippets are from Isis Salam. The track has a rather unusual buildup, but it works really well in the club.

8. “Your Dog Will Love It”

This is definitely a track where the opinions are divided. It had to be simple. I love the slogan and the strange melody. The layout was hanging around for quite a long time, but I definitely wanted to have this track on the album. It’s meant to show that sometimes it’s good to not take yourself too seriously.

9. “Last Night” (Faced Version)

Unreleased version of “Last Night”. Here again, some things were recorded live, like the bass. I like the vocals and the text very much – that’s how how I see things.

10. “Out”

See “Control”. ~


Inter face will be available August 30th on Gomma.

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EB Album Premiere: Tosca’s <i>Tlapa</i>

We adore Austria for its long lasting, unstoppable output of easy to listen to electronica and especially Mr. Kruder and Mr. Dorfmeister, who started the game through releasing one of the most selling mix CDs on earth back in 1996. Their DJ Kicks CD, mixed for the Horst Weidenmüller-operated !K7 imprint in Berlin, definitely changed the game of mix CDs: these days, every little music outlet has its mix CDs. Anyway, 17 years later Richard Dorfmeister of K&D-fame is about to release his second album in 2013—together with his new partner, Rupert Huber under their Tosca umbrella, entitled Tlapa. And as it’s some sort of tradition for Tosca to get their albums remixed, Tlapa is a remix version of their earlier relased album Odeon, featuring reworks form the likes of Makossa & Megablast, Brendon Moeller, long-time friends Marlow & Rainer Trueby and many more.

Tosca’s Tlapa album is out August, 16th via !K7.

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EB Listening: Emptyset – Collapsed EP

Sorry, the streaming ended. Head here to buy the gold: http://www.kompakt.fm/releases/collapsed

When I look back to music in 2011, one thing that immediately comes to my mind is Emptyset‘s Demiurge album. A slightly punishing workout from the dark side of techno, topped with the kind of manipulated basslines which changed my life. Some weeks ago, when we shared thoughts with the Chemnitz-based Raster-Noton label, we learned that the fabulous Bristol duo is set to release a 12″ on Carsten Nicoloai‘s label – although it’s only been six months since James Ginzburg (of Ginz, 30Hz, P Dutty) and Paul Purgas delivered their last album Medium for Subtext. And here we are; today’s EB Listening is pleased to unveil their next drop, the Collapsed EP.

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EB Listening: Gesaffelstein – Rise of Depravity

EB Listening: Gesaffelstein - Rise of Depravity

Gesaffelstein est de retour! How can you say no to crisply dense and gorgeously heavy production that not only makes you dance, but also reaches into your soul and asks the question: are we human or are we ravers? The rising French producer is just about to overtake the techno throne that Justice created a couple years back and subsequently lost via boringness. Below, you can stream a new track from Gesaffelstein’s upcoming release on Brodinski’s Bromance label, Bromance #4: Rise of Depravity. Both tracks feature the lush and heavy sound that French EDM has been missing lately. Get infected.

Artwork by: Hassan Rahim

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EB Listening: Jóhannsson/Hauschka/O’Halloran’s Transcendentalism EP streaming in full

EB Listening: Jóhannsson/Hauschka/O'Halloran's Transcendentalism EP streaming in full In honor of their 130701 Transcendentalists Tour 2012 (featuring the gorgeous, post-classical experiments of Hauschka, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Dustin O’Halloran) FatCat Records is also issuing an EP featuring exclusive new and reworked material from all three artists. We’re pleased to bring you a pre-release listening stream of Transcendentalism, which is available below:

15 May – De Duif, Amsterdam, Netherlands
16 May – Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
17 May – Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
18 May – The Barbican Hall, London, UK
19 May – Cork Opera House, Cork, Ireland
20 May – Sugar Club, Dublin, Ireland
21 May – Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK
22 May – Cafe De La Danse, Paris, France

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