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Photek’s DJ Kicks

The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed last week that we posted on our Facebook page a Photek track from the latest !K7 release, DJ Kicks The Exclusive Tracks. However, as far as we knew Photek hadn’t actually made a mix for the long running series. Well guess what? He’s just has. The UK … Continued

DJ Kicks – Exclusive Tracks collected

!K7 are collecting together the exclusive Dj Kicks tracks from the last five years on one handy compilation. DJ Kicks has been running since 1995 and it has been de rigueur for an artist to create an exclusive track for their mix that is not available elsewhere. Recently highlights included MCDE’s ‘L.O.V.E’ and Kode9‘s ‘You … Continued

Stream new Gold Panda track

One way or the other, Gold Panda will capture your attention. The UK instrumentalist has been curating a mix for the legendary DJ-Kicks series, and now he’s set tongues a’waggin by releasing the opening track. Not so crazy at first thought, but when you consider that it’s a brand-new, never-heard GP track then you have … Continued

Scuba kicks a mix

Hotflush overlord Scuba will be the next producer who lumbers up to the controls for an edition of !K7’s long running DJ Kicks series. Since moving to Berlin form Bristol a few years ago Scuba, real name Paul Rose, has release two stunning albums and put a huge amount of effort into introducing all kinds … Continued