Track Premiere and Free Download: Hello Skinny – Aquarium (Matthew Herbert Remix)

Tom Skinner is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who, last year, joined Matthew Herbert‘s in-house band for the adventurous One Pig Project. Here, the newly appointed head of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop returns the favour by offering up a re-rub of “Aquarium”, a dubbed out cut from Skinner’s debut album as Hello Skinny. In Herbert’s hands the track becomes a malevolent beast that grinds forward on a rusted axle, churning up junkyard snare cracks and sparks of synth. You can download the track, exclusively via, below.


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EB Exclusive: VCMG – Aftermaths (Gesaffelstein Remix)

We’ve been talking about this release for some time now. Today we’re serving the next portion: an exclusive pre-listening of Gesaffelstein‘s re-edit of VCMG‘s instant classic ‘Aftermaths’. Make sure to check out the entire remix selection here, as you can explore more excellent reworks from the likes of LFO, aka Mark Bell, who produced Depeche Mode’s Exciter, and Alva Noto, aka Carsten Nicolai. Click below to get an idea what happens when electronic veterans and a French up-and-comer with a sense of humor join forces.

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EB Exclusive: Alexander Geist – Bad Language (Black Cracker Remix)

EB Exclusive: Alexander Geist - Bad Language (Black Cracker Remix) Alexander Geist may have been born in England, but that velvety voice is pure Berlin. The singer is a little bit Bowie, a little bit Dietrich, and all class. His debut single Bad Language is rich, succulent disco-pop in the old tradition, melancholic yet sensual: this bad boy got soul. The single, released by Haute Areal as both a download and a purple 7″, is produced by fellow rising Berlin player Joey Hansom, whose DJ sets and remixes for the likes of Ssion and Light Asylum has earned him some pretty heavy attention from bloggers and musicians alike.

We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive remix from yet another ex-pat living in Berlin, NYC’s Black Cracker! With a book of collected poems and art, a recent LP, and some prime collabs with the likes of CocoRosie, it’s hard to imagine where he finds the time to deconstruct Geist’s morose melody into a sexy R&B jam, but we’re certainly glad he does. Download it below, and make sure to pick up the single now!

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EB Listening: Hecuba – Modern

EB Listening: Hecuba - Modern Hecuba put the art in art-pop. The Los Angeles duo of Isabel Albuquerque and Jon Beasley captured our ears and minds with their debut LP Paradise, but their latest work transcends anything they’ve done before. Blurring the ideas of gender and singular identity, the nine tracks on Modern play with the idea of what our ideas of emotion and love really mean, packing massive weight within deceptively sparse song structures. Listen to the shimmering, shimmying beat of ‘Faith’ or the skeletal pulse of ‘Hurt You’ and you will hear the future of pop music: eternally catchy, constantly evolving, never compromising.

Modern drops tomorrow on Germ, but you need to hear it now. It’s an immense pleasure to present to you the premiere of the full album stream. Listen to this beautiful, important record below. Share it with your friends. Then, buy it and bask in it.

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EB Exclusive: tobias. – Leaning Over Backwards (Efdemin Remix)


Berghain, Panorama Bar, Berghain Kantine, and the in-house imprint Ostgut Ton have done so much for the club vibe in Berlin over the years. Just one of the reasons we’re excited to share the first tunes of their latest brainchild: Unterton. This baby will be an outlet for remixes of past releases on Ostgut Ton, as well as projects from “related or befriended artists.” We got a rare moment of attention from busy Ostgut Ton label boss Nick Höppner to get some insights behind the idea of this new sub-label. “We’re actually pretty busy with all the releases scheduled for Ostgut Ton. In the past we were releasing 12-inches every second week. So we came up with the idea of starting a label just for all remixes, which until now were released through Ostgut Ton.”

The first EP will feature two reworks by Efdemin and Ricardo Villalobos of songs from Leaning Over Backwards, Tobias. 2011 full-length (under the name Tobias.). But, Nicks adds,”on top of this, you can’t imagine how much great music people are sending us, but because of a certain policy established by the resident Berghain DJ’s there was no way of releasing this music on Ostgut Ton. Now we can support artists who were formerly not able to release through us.” Nick has given us an exclusive re-edit of the title track by Efdemin, a fast-paced techno number that gives us nearly nine minutes of pumping beats. Regarding the idea of a “certain sound” Unterton might stand for in the future, Nick’s response was swift and certain: “This should be avoided.” So here we go. Adjust your speakers and get ready for the exclusive premiere of Efdemin’s Tobias. remix.

?A Leaning Over Backwards (Efdemin Remix)?
B Girts (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Remix)

Unterton will release Remixes today, April 2, 2012.

Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 | Zeitfixierer / Flickr

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