EB Listening: Stream Alex Barck’s new album <i>Reunion</i>

After spending a whole year over on Réunion, an overseas department of France situated in the Indian Ocean, Alex Barck has now relocated to Berlin and is ready to drop his very first solo album—entitled Reunion, naturally. Barck, who is a founding member of Berlins’s exquisite slow dance combo Jazzanova, found the time to record an exclusive commentary to accompany the album—which you can hear in the stream below. Listening to the record, you’ll certainly pick up on Barck’s jazzy influences but the overall spirit definitely tends towards house music, making use of some well-chosen collaborators including Swedish singer Jonatan Bäckelie aka Ernesto, local hero Christian Salem, and Pete Josef. Listen to the record, in full with his commentary, below.

“Doubter” feat. Jonatan Bäckelie
“Re-set” feat. Pete Josef
“Oh Africa” feat. Christine Salem (Album Version)
“Don’t Hold Back” feat. Jonatan Bäckelie
“Automatic Systematique”
“Spinning Around” feat. Pete Josef
“Like A Drug” feat. Stee Downes
“We Get High” feat. Jonatan Bäckelie
“Why & How” feat. FETSUM
“Move Slowly” feat. Bea Anubis


Above: Alex Barck in Réunion. His solo debut album Reunion is out via Sonar Kollektiv on October 4th.

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EB Album Premiere: Various Artists – <i>ZZK Sound Vol. 3</i>

While we’re getting flooded with various UK Dance maneuvers and North American future R’n’B happenings, the South American continent is not sleeping. Hailing from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, there’s a little imprint called ZZK Records, responsible for the release of  local heroes such as La Yegros, Frikstailers or Tremor. This week, they’re visiting Berlin for the first time to introduce digital cumbia to the Berlin crowd—a fitting mixture of classical, North Columbian cumbia and contemporary bass. The whole digital cumbia thing started with WhatsUpBuenosAires.com, a bilingual arts and culture website founded by label-boss Grant C. Dull in the early 2000s. After establishing this as an entry point for contemporary Latin-eclectro lovers, the next step was pretty obvious: running a club and giving the kids a place to listen and dance to the label’s latest sounds. That’s the Zizek Club—famous for their advanced manipulations of traditional folklore and electronic zeitgeist. After setting up the blog and running a club, there wasn’t much left to accomplish other than coming up with their very own imprint. ZZK Records was born. The ZZK Sound sampler was the perfect introduction, and it’s just a few days to go until their third installment sees the light of day, but you can pre-order it here and listen to it now:

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EB Album Premiere: Maya Jane Coles – <i>Comfort</i>

This is the European premiere of Comfort, the debut album by house star Maja Jane Coles. For some, it may be surprising that this is only her debut, her presence within dance music since 2010 and that DJ Mag best newcomer gong been that pervasive. In a relatively short time she’s been on the cover of a score of magazines, clocked up highly rated releases on—and this is not an exhaustive list—Hypercolour, 20/20 Vision, Mobilee and Dogmatik, become an unavoidable presence on the global DJ circuit and presided over one of the best instalments of DJ Kicks in the longrunning series. This isn’t hyperbole, this is just the facts. Comfort, then, doesn’t exactly arrive unburdened by the weight of anticipation, but hell, if Coles was sweating it, it doesn’t show here.

Recorded in her home studio, with Coles playing every instrument herself, the result is workably low key—she even designed the sleeve herself (who knew she was a polymath?). Of course, there was a roll call of guests lining up to feature, and Karin Park, Kim Ann Foxman and Miss Kittin make the cut. It kind of wants you to post the record through every letterbox of commissioning editor who still gets legwork out of condescending women in dance music features. Of course, there are countless acclaimed dance music producers who never master the LP format, time to see if MJC is one of ’em.

Unfortunately the stream is blocked in Italy / Sweden / Finland / Australia / Holland / Belgium / UK.
Comfort by Maya Jane Coles is out via I/AM/ME and Kobalt on June 28, 2013.

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EB Album Premiere: Roedelius Schneider – <i>Tiden</i>

Just two years after the release of their first collaborative album Stunden, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Stefan Schneider aka Roedelius Schneider have completed their follow-up album Tiden. It will be released next week through the Hamburg-based Bureau B imprint, home to illustrious artists such as Schneider TM, Kreidler and Cluster. Unlike their inaugural album, which was reminecent of Eric Satie and Brian Eno, Tiden sounds like the in-car soundtrack of a journey to inner peace; a calm, reflective work that demands your full attention. Roedelius, born in 1934, is clearly one of the pioneers of contemporary electronic music, finding recognition with influential krautrock bands Cluster and Harmonia alongside Dieter Moebius and Michael Rother. Roedelius is also responsible for milestone albums Zuckerzeit (Cluster) and Deluxe (Harmonia), those too are considered groundbreaking albums within the history of electronic music. By the end of the ’70s he was working with ambient pioneer Brian Eno, going on to produce a total of three albums for him. Twenty years Roedelius’ junior, Stefan Schneider is a founding member of Kreidler (1994-99) and is now part of To Rococo Rot and Mapstation. Pedigree assured, now hit play, kick back and listen.

Roedelius Schneider’s Tiden is out next week through Bureau B. Pre-order here.

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EB Listening: MGUN “If You’re Reading This” EP


We already told you about this up-and-coming Detroit producer, who has released vinyl on highly respected labels like Wild Oats, Will Bankhead’s always inspiring Trilogy Tapes outlet, and Don’t Be Afraid, where his new EP If You’re Reading This will be released later this week. Manuel Gonzales started to manipulate music back in the day with his Casio and is now back with six more tracks of MGUN brand techno and electro weirdness, which we’re very happy to unveil for you below:

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