10 x 4 – PBR Streetgang

10 x 4 - PBR Streetgang PBR Streetgang is the troublesome twosome of Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe. DJs for a number of years with gigs across the globe and a residency at Space Ibiza under their belts, they are knee-deep in sleazy, funky house music. They have just released the killer 12″ ‘Downstroke’ on Hot Creations and there’s more in store with the likes of 20:20Vision and Futureboogie. Hot shit. Did I hear the call of a 10 x 4?

Favourite part of the day to create?
B – Just after the 2nd cup of tea has been made
T – Once the drugs kick in

Method or madness?
B – Depends what time of day it is.
T – A mix of both

Most influential person? to me .. ?
B – My Dad
T – David Attenborough

First musical love?
B – The Banana Splits Theme Tune
T – One of the first records I can remember owning was ‘a view to a kill’ by Duran Duran. So I guess that.

Last musical love?
B – Well I just heard heard Neil Diablos new edit of ‘For Your Love’ .. thats makes feel me in Love
T – The Chromatics, ‘Tick of the Clock’ from the movie ‘Drive’

One thing you cannot live with out?
B – Sad but true.. my mac laptop…
T – Yorkshire tea

One thing you would live without if you could?
B – My mac laptop!
T – Certainly not clothes, that could be really embarrassing.

Favourite instrument?
B – My Juno 106 Keyboard.
T – Bonar’s Juno 106.

Your biggest break so far?
B – I hurt my ankle real bad last year but I don’t think you could call it a break .. It wasn’t in plaster or anything.. no breaks so far so I’m pretty lucky!!
T – I can beat that. iIbroke my clavicle other wise know as your collar bone when I was at school. it hurt, but I took it like a man, a real man. I know you’re all impressed.

Eureka moment?
B – I get them daily I think .. and usually I forget them as quick as them came!
T – All the time, then quickly realise it may not be as good as originally thought.

Biggest surprise?
B – My surprise Birthday party my girlfriend threw me last year.. I really didn’t expect that .. amazing !
T – Knowing we’ve come so far at such a young age!

Biggest disappointment ?
B – When they re-made The Wicker Man. That bummed me out a bit..
T – Making yorkshire puddings for a friend recently. They really didn’t work out. I’m normally amazing at doing them.

Love of your life?
B – It’s an obvious answer… but its music ..
T – That + missus, dog, mates.

Secret tip?
B – Always wrestle a bear after he’s eaten… they’ll be more lethargic and less aggressive .. that.. and don’t take advice from me..
T – I’m so impressed with Bonar’s answer, I have no answer.

Favourite Tumblr?
B – What like a glass? I don’t think I understand the question.. I don’t really have any crystal tumblers but I have a favourite mug if that helps ?
T – In English please, I don’t speak Spanish. I don’t understand???

A place to create?
B – Anywhere that my train of thought wont be disturbed for more than 20 minutes.
T – Mentally I create ideas when i’m relaxed, which is often in strange places like the bath. That’s pretty weird, right!!

Last thing that inspired you?
B – Opening the curtains this morning and taking a look outside .. everything inspires me!
T – Bill Withers documentary I watched last night.

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Hot Creations set to release Hot Waves comp

Hot Creations set to release Hot Waves comp

Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, the men behind the Hot Creations imprint, which last year took the world by storm with it’s unique brand of sleezy-house music, have announced the forthcoming release from the label, a compilation titled Hot Waves.

Hot Waves is an exclusive digital only compilation, however there will be a 12” sampler thrown in for good measure on it’s way too. The album features a combination of existing Hot Creation artists as well as some debut’s from new artist who have signed to the label; talent’s who we will no doubt be hearing much more from this year.

The album features stand-out tracks from heavy weights such as Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Clive Henry, Robert James as well as from new talent; Josh T, Richie Ahmed and Beep Dee Good. There is also an exclusive track from Crosstown Rebels’ hero Maceo Plex thrown in for your added pleasure.


  1. Richy Ahmed – Suck It
  2. Josh T – Green Surprises
  3. Beep Dee Good – Colorado
  4. Alexis Raphael- Spaceship
  5. Robert James – Mindscaping
  6. Lee Foss – Stringer Bell
  7. Jamie Jones – Tranquilizer
  8. Maceo Plex – Alpha
  9. Hot Natured – Nino Brown
  10. Marc Ashken – Freaky Naughty
  11. Henry, Jones & Arnout – Ability
  12. Jenkyns – Superstar

Hot Waves will be released digitally by Hot Creations April 25th.

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